Shortly before the new year, several of the world’s most renowned climate scientists penned an open letter to their most respected colleagues in the environmental movement. The topic: reversing longstanding opposition to nuclear power. As time goes on and new discoveries come to light, these climate experts agree that wind and solar energy alone simply will not be enough to fend off extreme global warming. Instead, top scientists are urging environmentalists to support the development of safer nuclear power as a viable method for cutting down fossil fuel pollution.

Fortunately for the future of nuclear power, barriers between nuclear energy advocates and antinuclear environmentalists are beginning to fall. Both sides are starting to recognize that not only do they share a common rival, but they also share many common goals. Environmentalists that have long opposed nuclear energy are reevaluating their position while many pronuclear advocates are reevaluating their learned aversion to environmentalism, both as a result of deep concerns regarding climate change.

Today, nuclear energy is broadly recognized by scientists, scholars, and analysts as an environmentally positive technology with in fact many environmental benefits. Solar, wind, and efficiency energy sources are unable to scale up fast enough to deliver the amount of inexpensive and reliable power the world needs. With global warming on the rise and carbon dioxide emissions intensifying at alarming rates, we simply cannot afford to turn away from any sort of technology that has the potential to reduce greenhouse gases.

The scientists behind the open letter acknowledge that there are slight risks associated with using nuclear power; however, they are far smaller than the risks posed by extreme climate change. The vast majority of climate scientists agree that pollution from fossil fuels has increased global temperatures over the last 60 years and emissions need to be drastically reduced to prevent more extreme damage in the future. Experts agree that the solution is to clean up and invest in our nuclear power plants.

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