Staffing for Renewable Energy

At FootBridge, we understand the importance of relationships, especially when it comes to the dynamic world of Renewable Energy. For two decades, we’ve nurtured strong partnerships with some of the nation’s largest and most esteemed Renewable Energy providers. Our unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier talent has consistently powered projects of all sizes and complexities within the Energy Services and Renewable Energy industry. Whether your project involves risk management, energy efficiency upgrades, or power generation, rest assured, we possess the expertise to provide the talent needed to excel.

Imagine never having to turn down a project due to resource constraints. With FootBridge by your side, you won’t miss out on any opportunities. We bridge the talent gap, ensuring that you have the skilled workforce required to seize every project that comes your way. Our focus on relationships and our extensive network of industry professionals make us the ideal partner for Renewable Energy ventures, empowering you to capture growth and success in this ever-evolving industry.

Our Renewable Energy Sales Team Leaders

Examples of Renewable Energy Projects We Support

  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Hydroelectric
  • Battery Storage
  • Biomass
  • Green Hydrogen
  • Geothermal
  • Biofuels

FootBridge delivers experienced, qualified professionals, pre-screened and vetted. We manage payroll, withholding taxes, unemployment, and worker’s compensation insurance for every employee working 30+ hours. Contract employee benefits include: medical, dental, LTD/STD, life insurance, and 401K.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Contract workers are given employee benefits paid by the staffing company as long as they work as a W-2 employee for 30+ hours a week. When you don’t know how long a project may run, hiring a contractor means you don’t have to commit to paying a yearly salary or employee benefits.

Direct hiring costs a company 1.25 to 1.4 times a person’s salary. A staffing firm markup, which is the fee paid on top of a base salary, covers all costs and liabilities. Additionally, with contract hires, your company is not committed to paying an annual salary or benefits.

Instead, the staffing firm pays the contractor an hourly rate while assuming responsibility for benefits and insurance as long as they work 30+ hours a week.

There’s a lot more than database searches that go into finding the right candidate for a potential job. Recruiters spend the bulk of their time sourcing, pre-screening, interviewing candidates, and investing in the client relationship. Our recruiters have years of experience sourcing for Renewable Energy. We want to find you the right person. Plus, if someone doesn’t work out as expected, we can also find a replacement right away.

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