Partnering with Staffing Agencies: The Smarter Way to Hire Project Controls Experts

Don’t let your project controls vision fail, bring in the experts.

Are you tired of leaving your project controls success up to chance? Don’t risk it all by assembling a subpar budgeting, scheduling, and monitoring team. With FootBridge project controls staffing, you’ll have access to highly skilled professionals who specialize in risk mitigation and goal-setting.

Cost, schedule, time, and outcome. These four things define project controls.

With over 20 years of experience staffing project controls professionals, our recruiters bring

fresh perspectives and expertise to every decision. You’ll always be one step ahead of the competition with our support.
Whether you’re building bridges, railways, wastewater plants and more,  FootBridge Project Controls Staffing has you covered. Contact us today to learn how we can support you every step of the way and take your projects to new heights.

Examples of Positions We Support

  • AWP Specialist
  • Change Management Specialist
  • Claims Consultant
  • Cost Engineer
  • Estimator
  • EVMS Analyst
  • Master Scheduler
  • Outage/Turnaround Scheduler
  • Planner/Scheduler
  • Primavera Administrator
  • Program Scheduler
  • Project Controls Analyst
  • Project Controls Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Project Scheduler
  • Risk Management Specialist
  • Scheduling Manager
  • TILOS Scheduler
  • Workface Planner

Building long-term staffing relationships

At FootBridge, we keep up with market trends, changing regulations, and industry demands to remain relevant and provide the best services.  Ultimately, we understand the importance of getting the right people for the job and take pride in connecting top-quality project controls professionals with the companies who need them.

FootBridge delivers experienced, qualified professionals, pre-screened and vetted. We manage payroll, withholding taxes, unemployment and worker’s compensation insurance. Contract employee benefits include: medical, dental, LTD/STD, life insurance and 401K.

Case Study

Is your upcoming construction project complex and in need of expert scheduling and planning?

To carry out a $40 million building renovation project, a leading pharmaceutical company partnered with FootBridge to identify a capable master planner/scheduler.

Frequently Asked Questions

Successful project controls candidates are typically highly qualified and possess a bachelor of science degree in construction and a master’s degree in business. Alternatively, some project controllers may hold a bachelor of science in engineering or construction management or a degree in civil engineering. However, the range of educational backgrounds in this field is vast and diverse. 

While the project manager is responsible for overseeing the team, the project controller’s role is to offer guidance and ensure that the final product can be achieved within the budget and targeted timeline.

When FootBridge makes a hire, that employee becomes a member of our firm. This means that we take on all the liability and responsibility for the employee, including payroll, benefits administration, liability insurance, worker’s compensation, and future unemployment benefits. Our objective is to simplify the process of hiring contract talent as much as we can.

Our recruitment team can provide multiple profiles of qualified project controls candidates who are either already located in the desired area or willing to relocate. Not only do we find potential candidates, but we also handle the entire screening and interviewing process, ensuring prompt hiring for your project. With contract hire employees, you can avoid the expenses and inconvenience of transferring an employee across the country while preventing potential future layoffs.

Recruiting for the perfect project controls candidate involves more than just scanning databases. Recruiting, pre-screening, interviewing potential employees, and building and maintaining relationships with clients are where recruiters devote most of their efforts.

Take your projects to the next level and secure your success.

Contact FootBridge for expert project controls staffing today.