When you decide to replace a member of your team, you face a challenge.  Who will replace them?  How will you find a great new candidate?  And how do you keep the search quiet so that the current team can focus on its work instead of crumbling under the stress and uncertainty of impending change?

Here are four ways to replace an employee discreetly:

  1. Keep it quiet. The more people know about the search, the more likely it is that information will leak out. Office rumor mills can easily turn a simple search into a political fiasco. Inform other members of the team on a strict “need-to-know” basis, and charge them to keep the search confidential.
  2. Line up your ducks. Before you launch the search, know why you are seeking to replace a current employee. Back up your reasoning with evidence and examples. For instance, if the person is underperforming, get the data that demonstrates this. If you encounter resistance to the decision, you can point to the evidence instead of getting into a “personality battle” with other members of the team.
  3. Walk away. Avoid interviewing new candidates on-site. If you do, team members will notice something is up – and everyone may develop the distracting anxiety that comes from feeling they are the one being replaced. Instead, find a professional off-site location in which to interview, such as a satellite office for your company or your staffing firm’s offices.
  4. Band together. Add an extra layer of confidentiality and discretion to your candidate search by teaming up with your recruiter to conduct it. Your staffing firm can prescreen candidates, present you with the best options available, and help keep your company’s name and information confidential, so job postings are not traced back to your organization and don’t reveal which member of the team you are seeking to replace.

At FootBridge Energy Services, our experienced recruiters can find the people you need to meet your business goals – and we can do so while maintaining the standards of confidentiality you need. Contact us today to learn more about our energy recruitment services.