No matter what industry you are in, chances are you are concerned about turnover rates, employee retention and improving your overall hiring process. One of the most proven ways to address all of these issues is the utilization of staffing data. Unfortunately, many companies are not accessing this treasure trove of vital information.

Staffing data is literally one of the best tools you have at your disposal and can make a tremendous difference in the overall quality of your new hires and determine how long your employees end up staying with your company.

Here’s what you need to know to get started.

Questions You Should Be Asking

The first step is asking the right questions. Sit down with your managers and department supervisors and ask them about the current state of their departments. Which areas are seeing the highest turnaround rates? Why do they feel this is happening? Are you sending them new hires that have enough skills or are candidates getting bogged down during the training process?

Each sector of the energy industry will largely guide the questions you need to ask, but this will get you started. You should be able to spot trouble areas and start developing a plan that will help you address these issues during the hiring process.

Building Ideal Candidate Profiles

Now that you have a good portion of the data you’ll need to make better hires, it is incredibly help to build an ideal candidate profile. This is very similar to a buyer persona that companies use to help target their marketing efforts, but you’ll be using it to target your hiring practices.

Check with department managers and ask them to describe their ideal candidate. What skills and experience would they already have? What personality traits are useful for that department? Compile their answers and use this information to build a profile.

This profile can then be used by you during the recruiting and interviewing process. Compare resumes and interview notes and determine which candidates best fit the ideal profile.

Including Data in Your Hiring Process

Targeted results are always best, and by following these procedures, the overall quality of your new hires is going to go up. You’ll find that you will be asking better questions during the interview and you’ll be going through resumes with a new eye.

Make sure you refresh your staffing data as necessary, and keep it categorized by department. You’ll also be able to use this data to help you forecast demand and plan ahead for the coming year to set your hiring budget.

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