2017 is over halfway through and many businesses use this time to review their yearly goals and evaluate their progress. If your business has missed a significant goal or you haven’t made the progress you expected, hiring might be answer.

Why hire?

Your business gains the help it needs to finish the year strong.

The most immediate benefit of hiring new talent is the opportunity the new employee provides to help finish the year strong. When you hire with your business goals in mind, you can choose a candidate with the skills and enthusiasm to make up for any short-term shortcomings.

“Back-burner” projects can be brought to the fore.

Bringing a new person onto the team helps reduce the workload for everyone else. When essential tasks are shared among more people, every person’s time becomes freer. If your team has a long “backlog” of tasks that are not urgent but that would boost productivity, hiring another team member might provide the relief your current staff need to address those tasks, moving everyone closer to their 2017 goals.

Hiring the right person benefits the entire team.

When you choose a candidate with the right attitude and an outstanding skill set, you help improve your company’s culture. You also add a team member whose enthusiasm and fresh outlook may inspire the rest of the team, leading to greater engagement and productivity which in turn increase your company’s chances of meeting or exceeding its yearly goals.

You’ll gain a competitive edge that lasts.

The benefit of adding a high-performing team member doesn’t end when 2017 is over. The person you hire now will provide additional support to the team for years to come, increasing your ability to meet more ambitious goals and to stay ahead of your competition.

Don’t have the budget for a new long-term hire? Talk to your staffing partner about hiring qualified contract staff to help you meet short-term goals.

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