Whether you’re aspiring toward a career in the energy sector or you’ve already begun working in the field, partnering with a recruiter who specializes in placing energy sector talent may be the best career choice you’ve ever made.

Why? Choosing a recruiter who specializes in the energy industry offers a host of benefits. For example:

Your recruiter will understand your work – and how it fits into your industry.

Recruiters with a generalized or nationwide focus cannot specialize in every industry they serve, and they cannot hope to understand the complex set of education, skills, and talents required to succeed within every industry. Instead, they’re more likely to make “approximate” matches between candidates and companies, hoping the rest will work out on its own.

By contrast, recruiters who specialize in the energy industry devote all of their professional time to understanding the particular needs of the industry and the particular skills of top candidates within the field. They’ll recognize what your hard work and capabilities mean, equipping them to find the position that will leverage and expand your talents to the fullest.

Your recruiter knows your industry.

Generalized recruiters may work with companies in multiple industries, but they spread themselves thin in order to do so. Recruiters who specialize in the energy sector, however, do more than just identify top candidates and match them with leading companies. They also spend time gathering news and building relationships with people and businesses in the energy industry. Their deep knowledge of the field allows them to make better connections between candidates and companies, and it also allows them to make educated predictions about the future of the field – which can only help a candidate seeking to build a career within the energy sector.

Your recruiter becomes your “in” to a new professional network.

Professionals in any field know the power of well-connected associates. “I know someone who can answer that for you” has opened many doors in careers throughout the energy sector. Recruiters who spend all their time in this field become these “networking nodes” for the candidates they assist. Choose a recruiter who knows the energy industry, and chances are good your recruiter knows who can help you with any one of a host of problems. All you need to do is stay in touch.

At Footbridge Energy Services, our recruiters specialize in building relationships throughout the energy sector, so we can help you find a good job with a great company. Contact us today to learn more.