One of the main reasons our commercial construction clients use FootBridge is because of the ease and flexibility we afford them. Want someone on site the next day? You got it. Need someone with a niche skillset for a specific project? Done. Don’t want to pay salaries when the project is on hold? We get that.

Maybe a client is working on a hospital, an industrial structure, or a sports facility. Each of which requires their own set of skills and proficiencies. Instead of keeping personnel on staff and taking on salaries and benefits for an ongoing basis, they turn to us to keep them on the payroll just for the current project.   When the contractor is done with the project, it’s an expense that goes away.  It’s that simple. And during the time of COVID-19, when many commercial construction firms face hiring uncertainties,  flexibility it turns out, is the name of the game. 

Business Development

When it comes to staffing, there are numerous hurdles to overcome, but they don’t all have to turn into challenges. Sometimes a commercial construction firm may only work on government projects, for instance. But then suddenly, and as we see more of lately, shifts to another market. Rather than taking on a direct-hire where the client will need to onboard, train, and pay for benefits, they’d be better off sourcing a contractor with say, five years’ niche experience in that alternative industry.  Doing so means saving time on training, salary, benefits, insurance, not to mention a contractor is going to be skilled in the area of expertise you need.  Keep in mind as well that with a contractor, you don’t pay taxes, social security, or benefits. So the reality is the client is saving money even though the hourly rate may be higher. For more information on this topic, see our article, “What are the Cost Benefits of working with a Staffing Agency?” 

Alternatively, sometimes when we speak with commercial construction firms, they assume working with us means markups and higher costs. But what they don’t realize is the business development relationship we afford them.

Mitigate Adverse Outcomes

Just like we can get a contractor on-site the next day, a staffing agency can let them go as needed too.  If a candidate shows up for the job and the person isn’t what the client thought they would be, we can offer an immediate solution. One phone call to Footbridge is all it takes, and the person won’t be on-site the next day. If someone doesn’t live up to your expectations, we will let them go immediately, with absolutely no cost to you within the first week. 

Location, location, location

Sometimes a construction firm may have the right person for the job, but they aren’t willing to travel to the project location.  This isn’t an uncommon situation, and at FootBridge, our recruiters can find you a qualified candidate already in that location or one who is ready to go there. Let’s say you have a six-month job on a government project, but no one in your construction firm wants to relocate.  We not only find someone but perform the interview, screen, and bring them in for the project promptly. Rather than worrying about transferring someone across the country and paying living expenses, contract hire means you don’t end up with layoffs. 

Speaking of relocating – hiring and recruitment practices can vary by state. A client may have to get set up with a state just to be able to provide employment in the area. But a staffing firm like FootBridge, on the other hand, is already set up for jobs in all 50 states. 

Contractors can be an excellent resource for Commercial Construction firms

As always, hiring top talent is essential to the success of your business, and our team is here to help you find the right people with unmatched expertise.  

Let’s collaborate today to fill your open positions. We are ready to source your next top performer for continued business success.