The hiring landscape is ever-evolving, so candidates must constantly adapt to find job openings best suited to their skills, goals, and work ethics. But how do you land the right job when so many unknowns exist? Check out these expert tips from our recruiters who talk with candidates like you daily!

Know the significant challenges in your field.

Ask yourself the following: What are the biggest challenges currently facing professionals in the job you want? How are companies tackling these challenges? If you could change anything about this approach, what would it be?

The more you know about current market trends and hot topics, the more you can target your job search materials to communicate that you’re ready and able to tackle those challenges productively for a new employer. Instead of just learning about each employer, consider the problems they’re trying to solve, like managing complex construction budgets or compensating for supply chain disruptions, then show how you are an invaluable asset in solving those problems.

Focus on your accomplishments.

Once you know the industry’s challenges, look back at your career and education for tangible achievements. Then choose two or three accomplishments in which you addressed similar challenges. A good rule of thumb is to quantify, specify, demonstrate, and direct. And don’t hesitate to make these accomplishments the focal point of your application materials and interview answers.

Focusing on your accomplishments boosts your career search in two ways. First, it communicates to employers that you will succeed because you already have. Second, it gives you a confidence boost when you need it most.

Consider the employer’s point of view.

Every hiring manager has one question: “Why should I hire this person? What can this individual do for us?”

When creating a resume or preparing your interview answers, keep this perspective in mind – and answer this question whenever possible. Remember that a hiring manager doesn’t want to give you a job but to receive your best work. Be ready to discuss how your work fits into this company’s goals, culture, and structure, as past successes lead to future ones.

Network like crazy

Many jobs are found through personal connections and professional networks such as LinkedIn, AngelList, and Meetup. Being active on social platforms and channels increases visibility and opportunities. There are also great knowledge centers and discussion boards that offer a  chance to learn even more about your industry of choice.

Work with a recruiter.

Working with a recruiter who knows your industry is hands down the best way to make your dream job come to fruition. Not only do you get the “inside scoop” on job openings and company culture, but you have access to a larger talent pool and better understand your role, job requirements, and obstacles versus a one-size fits all agencies.

At FootBridge Energy, our experienced recruiters strive to match top talent to great jobs.  From quality engineers to project managers and technical expertise for staff augmentation, our recruiters and account executives have a knack for maintaining great client and contractor relationships resulting in flawless execution. Contact us today to learn more.