As previously discussed, great developments in the oil and gas industry are happening in Ohio. This upcoming year is expected to be especially pivotal in regards to the Utica shale play. According to industry experts, a pipe is already in the ground and processing facilities ready to service 600 drilled wells throughout the region, 250 of which are already producing and 400 yet to be turned on.

Ohio’s shale industry is steadily generating job growth and areas near the Utica shale where drilling and fracking are taking place are among the lowest unemployment rates in the state. In fact, Ohio counties experiencing the most intensive interest and drilling from the Utica shale are seeing unemployment rates drop significantly from their record highs of just a few years back. Although fracking is still a relatively smaller piece of Ohio’s economy, the industry growth in the state is impossible to deny.

Core shale-related industries in Ohio show an increase of more than 30% in job growth from the start of 2011 through the first quarter of 2013. That 30% is equivalent to approximately 1,929 jobs, all in oil and natural gas. As of this pasr December, Ohio has approved 1,030 additional Utica shale permits; of the 658 wells that have already been drilled, 249 are currently in production and a total of 40 rigs are drilling in the state of Ohio.

Exploration and production within the Utica shale play by Ohio’s oil and gas industry has lowered and continues to lower unemployment. A recent study from Ohio’s Cleveland State University even credits the Utica shale fracking and drilling for creating wealth in 8almost all of Ohio’s 88 counties. The same study found that job creation was highest in strong and moderate Utica shale counties and weakest in non-Utica counties.

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