Whether you’re actively hunting for a job or simply keeping your options open, knowing what has been predicted for the coming year will help you explore oil and gas industry careers more efficiently. Here’s what you need to know about upcoming trends in energy industry jobs.

More exporting has expanded the industry.

When the U.S. began exporting crude oil again in 2017, many companies within the industry saw it as an opportunity to build a formidable reputation globally – and to expand business. Although the U.S. remains a net importer of crude oil, 2017 saw a rise in hiring within the oil and gas industries once again. The number of available jobs will likely expand in 2018, giving industry professionals the opportunity to focus on finding the best fit between their employer’s approach and their career goals.

Innovation continues to be crucial.

Rising concerns about greenhouse gas emissions, public interest in climate news and the rise of renewable energy sources like wind and solar have all put pressure on the oil and gas industry to innovate and stay at the forefront of emerging technologies. The pressure for innovation will continue, which means that job seekers can stand out from the crowd by emphasizing their own work on cutting-edge projects.

Communication remains a “top” soft skill.

STEM fields, including oil and gas engineering, face ongoing difficulty finding professionals who not only understand technical details, but who can also communicate those details to a non-technical audience. As a result, engineers and other scientifically minded professionals with effective communication skills are often preferred over competing candidates. Improve your skills in explaining your work in clear, simple terms, and emphasize these in your job materials.

The energy industry looks for leadership.

Many major energy companies viewed the 2016 layoffs with concern. Included in the slowdown were young professionals whom companies worry may never return to oil or gas jobs. Consequently, many companies are invested in finding candidates who display leadership potential. Emphasize your own leadership work to help your application shine.

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