The recent surge in the oil and gas sector combined with the shortage of available, skilled workers has led many professionals to shift their career’s industry focus to the energy industry. With prosperous shale booms continuing to evolve, new positions in various areas of expertise are being created at rapid rates. Although careers in the energy industry are promising, many professionals find themselves unsure of where to begin to make a career shift happen.

If you are ready to take the first steps in transitioning your career focus to the oil and gas sector, start by following these preliminary tips:

  • Understand the industry. Research the industry and different companies to keep up to date with sector trends. This will help you understand what is new or changing so you can understand where your talents will fit and what role you can play. Not all candidates have gas and oil experience, but being able to demonstrate your passion and desire to get involved will help you gain an edge on attaining a future position to meet both yours as well as a company’s needs.
  • Learn new skills. Due to the talent shortage, many energy companies are willing to hire professionals who are new to the sector. Keeping an open mind and taking every opportunity to learn new skills is the best way to begin and advance a new career in oil and gas. Because of the sector’s diversity, many occasions will arise for professionals from different backgrounds to discover their niche if they are willing to broaden their horizons.
  • Work with an energy recruiter. The best way to get your foot in the door in the oil and gas sector is to partner with a niche recruiter in the energy field. Energy recruiters have inside knowledge and contacts that allow them to find the best oil and gas job openings that will fit your existing skillset. Developing a professional relationship with a niche recruiter will not only help you find your first oil and gas job, it will also help you grow and find the best opportunities throughout your energy career.

The oil and gas sector provides many opportunities to professionals looking to transition careers; however, knowing how to begin the career transition is often the most difficult part. FootBridge Energy’s combination of their strong understanding of client hiring requirements and passion for building long-term partnerships with its candidate has led them to remain one of the leading and most competitive energy staffing firms for more than a decade. To begin your transition to an oil and gas career today, contact the experts at FootBridge Energy!