While the COVID-19 pandemic has many people working from home, we wanted to remind candidates of in-demand skillsets and opportunities happening right now, especially in the oil, gas, and energy industry. At FootBridge, we consider ourselves experts in Energy Staffing, here we outline some of the critical skill sets that employers are looking for.  

Data Analysis

We’ve talked about the IoTs in the past, connecting technology to the Internet. Combine it with machine learning, and you get predictive maintenance (PdM). Rather than wait for things to go wrong, PdM enables utilities to be proactive. Power lines and power stations are equipped with sensors that communicate with software systems in real-time. This way, if there’s a problem, the utility is on top of it. We see more of this with smart grids. According to Zippia, top analyst skills may include

Data-mining, data analysis, benchmark comparisons, and energy cost savings recommendations.

Renewable Energy Industry Knowledge

According to a Forbes report, 11.5 million people are globally employed in the renewable or clean energy sector.  Solar photovoltaics (PV) leads the market, followed by biofuels, hydropower, and wind.  V, wind power, and To set yourself apart from other candidates, demonstrate knowledge of the energy industry, not just the technical skills needed to thrive there. Talk about your achievements and goals in the context of the industry’s most significant opportunities and challenges in the next few years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, solar photovoltaic installer or technician jobs are projected to grow 51 percent from 2019 to 2029, which is faster than the average growth for all other occupations. While wind turbine technicians are the fasting growing job in the United States. 

Technical Know-How

Technology is continually changing, and it’s no different in the energy sector. Automation skills are high on employer demands, as are data analysis, statistics, and other software skills.  Working directly in a technology role will require an engineering or science-based degree.

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

Energy companies are looking for candidates who are ready to take on challenges. Understanding new and innovative ways to generate, transport, market, and sell new energy sources is a great skill to have. As always, candidates with strong problem-solving and critical-thinking skills will undoubtedly stand out as they strive to tackle real-world problems. 

Teamwork and Professionalism

Teamwork drives ideas and success. The strongest candidates in the energy industry communicate and coordinate effectively between teams – even when they don’t share one another’s technical jargon. Communicating with non-technically minded stakeholders, like executives and shareholders, bolsters your position as a must-have candidate. As will an understanding of project management and the ability to collaborate. 

Project Management

The energy industry often involves large-scale capital projects. Candidates with project management and project controls skills are in high demand as they oversee timelines, costs, and changes. They will have knowledge of regulatory policies and industry trends. In this role, persons may manage a wind turbine project, energy audits, pipeline projects, and more. 

Intellectual Curiosity

The energy industry is changing rapidly, as is the world that relies on the energy it produces. A strong sense of curiosity is a must for candidates who want to build long-term careers in an industry that will likely change many times before they retire. Also, candidates will be active listeners and critical thinkers. 

Motivation and Perseverance

A robust internal motivation to learn, apply your skills, and succeed will set you apart from candidates who need someone to tell them what to do and why. Demonstrate your willingness to roll up your sleeves and get the work done to impress hiring managers. The companies for which we hire are also impressed with candidates who have a passion for the industry

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