Did you know energy sector jobs are flourishing, providing excellent career opportunities for professionals with the proper skills to succeed? If you’re contemplating moving to the energy industry in 2023, here are eight key competencies you must highlight on your resume and in interviews to get noticed.

Industry Knowledge

You must thoroughly understand the energy industry to distinguish yourself from the competition. Include achievements and objectives within the context of the key opportunities and obstacles the industry will face in the next few years.

Technical Achievement

As the most common trait expected from energy sector applicants, ensure you possess the technical skills and credentials necessary to thrive in the role. Please back up your abilities by showing how you applied them to complete projects and achieve results successfully.

Data Analysis

With data becoming a significant driver of decision-making across all industries, showcasing your data analysis skills could be your most significant selling point in this competitive market. Highlight the insights you’ve gained from analyzing data and the improvements you achieved with them.

Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking

The energy sector constantly evolves, presenting new challenges to face and conquer. Demonstrate your problem-solving and critical-thinking capabilities to demonstrate how to confront new obstacles head-on and ultimately emerge victorious.

Cross-Team Collaboration

Being an excellent team player is an essential trait, but an ability to effectively collaborate and coordinate between teams with diverse backgrounds and technical jargon can make all the difference. Emphasize how you can bridge the gap between non-technical stakeholders, like executives and shareholders, and the technical teams.

Project Management

Large-scale projects are a big part of the energy sector, so strong project management capabilities will always be in demand. Explain how your organization, time management, and communication skills have helped you handle complex projects in the past.

Intellectual Curiosity

As the energy industry rapidly progresses, staying curious and being proactive in learning new skills and techniques will help you advance in your career. Show how your thirst for knowledge has helped you stay at the forefront of developments in the sector.

Motivation and Perseverance

Showing a deep motivation to take the initiative and to carry on even when the going gets tough will impress employers and help you make an impact. Showcase your solid drive and dedication to work to get results.

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