Industries are constantly transforming, and the construction industry is no different. There has been a major shift towards technology, off-site projects, and increased workplace safety. With these changes, technology in particular, skilled workers are needed in the industry now more than ever. The problem? There is a massive lack of skilled workers available for projects. In fact, 81% of firms are asking their skilled workers to do more during this labor crisis. So, how bad is this labor crisis, how long is it expected to last, and where can you find top talent to fill your needs? Let’s evaluate each of those questions.


Summary of the Labor Shortage


The labor shortage first came around following the recession between 2006-11. It resulted in many workers leaving the industry, which made a large gap that needed to be filled. Unfortunately, over the past decade, the gap diminished in the way that many had hoped. Even in 2020, there are more than 400,000 unfilled positions within the construction industry. Most construction firms are struggling so much to find talent that they are turning down work because they simply do not have the resources. Other results of the shortage have been higher prices for construction and projects taking longer than expected. With these numbers, it’s easy to see how bad the shape of the construction industry is in terms of skilled workers.


How Long Will This Last?


The issues with the labor shortage in construction extend far past just the recession. There are also many myths and narratives within the general public about the industry that need to be addressed before it can thrive again. Young generations are avoiding construction due to misconceptions such as the prevalence of brute force within the industry and the idea that it is a job, but not a career.


The main idea behind gaining traction in the construction industry is to convince high schoolers that these narratives are nothing more than myths. The biggest issue with this path is that it could take years to turn the industry around. That is why firms are working to automate as many processes as possible, resulting in fewer jobs that are available, but fixing the labor crisis slowly. There are no definitive timeframes for how long the labor shortage could last, but as of right now there does not seem to be a fast-approaching solution. Does this mean it’s time to panic? Absolutely not!


Where Can I Find Skilled Workers?

There are many ways that you can find skilled construction workers to staff your projects. Here a few of our suggestions as to how you can find talent that will stick around.


Recruit Students


Technical schools teach students many important skills that are able to translate over to construction. Therefore, recruiting these students can result in long-term skilled workers. A great idea is to create a network with schools in your area so you are able to streamline talent directly into your company.


Use The Internet To Your Advantage


Having an attractive website or leveraging social media can be a great way to get young talent to find your company. It takes time to build these methods but is well worth your time in the war for talent.


Hire a Staffing Agency


The easiest method to solve your construction problems is through a staffing agency. When you use other methods, you can spend weeks mulling over resumes and months going through the interview process. The worst part? You still might not hire the right candidate. 


FootBridge is able to take the hassle out of finding top talent for your construction projects. We go through the resumes, screen candidates, and leave you with just the best to choose from. There’s no better way to fill your talent needs than with professionals who work with you every step of the way to get the job done.