Today’s energy job market is booming. Whether you are a company looking to staff projects, or a contractor seeking a position, one thing is for sure; there has been an upswing in opportunities with the number of those employed in clean energy alone estimated at 10 million. By 2050, those numbers are expected to reach exponential growth with 28 million employees worldwide. You can read more about these numbers and other energy segments here.

Let’s Talk Health Insurance.

Meanwhile, there is more to talk about when it comes to working as a contractor in the energy field. Namely, insurance. In 2010, when President Barack Obama signed into effect the Affordable Care Act (ACA), so that employers of 50 employees or more were required to offer health insurance, required staffing agencies obliged. For most, however, that was the extent of the benefits provided. However, having been in this business for nineteen years, we’ve found that having access to health insurance alone is not enough for some.

Traditionally, contractors are burdened with purchasing additional benefit packages on their own at a higher cost than what they would receive through an employer. This is why here at FootBridge we also offer dental, vision, life, disability, and even supplemental insurances to all of our contracted employees. Important to note is these offerings are also portable. Meaning, an employee can take them wherever they go. Here we explain the benefits in greater detail.

The Perks of Being a Contractor in the Energy Market.

Let’s look at the statistics. The number one benefit employees want from their employer is dental, vision, and health insurance. However, not many contractors have access to these benefits much less a full offering. Additionally, only 54% of staffing agencies offer basic health insurance, and very few offer life, disability, and dental insurance. Sure, you could purchase these insurances on your own, but you wouldn’t be getting them at a discounted rate.

Contracted employees with FootBridge, however, can expect to have not only access to discounted health insurance but also customized plans that fit their needs through Colonial Life. What’s more, is that every new hire can enroll within 30 days of employment and family members are also eligible as well. Additionally, the accident and critical care plans offer a yearly wellness benefit of $50 per person enrolled. In a business like ours where we come to know our contracted employees like family, we’re happy to offer these benefits. Plus, having access to these extended plans reassures our employees today and into retirement.

In summary, contracted employees at FootBridge have access to:

  • Comprehensive dental plans for most states.
  • Affordable term life insurance that can stay with you upon enrollment.
  • Disability insurance protects your paycheck when a doctor declares you are unable to work.
  • Keep in mind, disability can be extremely cost-prohibitive when trying to purchase on your own.
  • Accident and critical care supplements to standard health insurance offered as a yearly benefit.

We hope our contracted employees will find these additional insurance options to be portable, competitive, personalized, and affordable.