Did you know a majority of construction managers and engineers use LinkedIn to showcase their talents? It’s a great way to get recognized by recruiters who are looking to fill construction and engineering jobs.  Similar to a resume, a LinkedIn profile gives you a chance to tell a story about your work history. Not to mention the platform is a great way to connect with professionals. Whether you’re looking for work in the construction management and engineering sectors or something more creative – here we provide some must-have tips to make sure you’re doing everything to get noticed. While LinkedIn profiles are just one of the tools staffing companies use to source for engineering jobs, it’s good to be on top of your game.


Tip #1: Make sure your LinkedIn profile matches your resume


Sometimes we see candidate updating their resume, but forgetting to do the same on LinkedIn, or the other way around. Consistency is key! For more information on how to write a resume and for key information to include, visit our article, “The Do’s and Don’ts of Resume Writing.” Another great thing about LinkedIn is you can use the platform to create a resume as well.  To access this feature, log in to your profile, and click on “More” in the upper right-hand corner.


Tip # 2 Learn how to set up a LinkedIn profile


LinkedIn offers some great resources for what to include in your profile. Even if you’re not used to the platform, that’s okay. Click here for tips on how to set up your profile.

Tip #3 Find out who’s been looking at your profile

Now, with a basic LinkedIn account, this comes with a caveat. You have to let people see when you look at their profile in order to see who looks at yours. This can be switched on and off in your privacy settings.  Depending on your LinkedIn notification settings, LinkedIn can send you e-mails notifying you when someone new has visited your page. But we recommend digging in a little more to make sure you are getting views from the right audience, so you stay relevant.  If you’re not getting the right eyes on your profile,  it may be time for some revisions and additions to your profile. 


Tip #4 Robust Job Experience


In the work experience section, when you list the companies where you previously worked, be sure to link to their Company page (these usually auto-populate when you type in the company name).  Recruiters like to know more about the companies you’ve worked with, so make sure to add information about your position and any highlights or accomplishments you achieved. 


Tip #5 Include an updated photo


This one may seem self-explanatory, but be sure to include an updated and professional photo of yourself.


Tip #6 Make sure your interests are in-line with your professional background


Although it’s okay to list your hobbies in this section, what recruiters want to see are your professional interests. For example, if you visit FootBridge President and CEO Todd Springer’s profile on LinkedIn, you’ll see his activities are energy, staffing, and scheduling organizations.


Tip # 7 Ask for recommendations from people that support your experiences


To request recommendations, you can either 1) Visit a professional’s profile and click on the “More” button. Or, 2) On your own profile, click on the “Add profile section,” followed by “Additional information,” and then “Request a recommendation.”


Tip #8 Always update your professional profile


Similar to Google searches, updating your profile will keep you at the forefront of LinkedIn searches. It can be as simple as changing your photo, adding keywords, or interests.


Tip # 9 Ask for Endorsements


Similar to recommendations, be sure to get endorsements in the industry for which you are searching for work.  Look at FootBridge Manager and Recruiter Joe Squires profile, and you will see his endorsements include energy, engineering, and technical skills.

Tip # 10 Include publications, patents, accolades, and awards


This goes along with your activities and endorsements. Recruiters want to see your successes.

As always, hiring top talent is essential to the success of your business, and our team is here to help you find the right people with unmatched expertise.

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