If you’re dreaming of a job in the energy industry, a recruiter can be your best ally.

Here’s how (and why) to find the right recruiting firm to help you connect with this important niche industry.

Choose a recruiter who specializes in the oil and gas industries.

The energy industry is unique in many ways, from the resources it provides to the people and capabilities it needs to achieve its goals. Therefore, recent graduates and mid-career professionals seeking work in this industry can benefit from working with a recruiter who specializes in making connections within the energy field. A specialized recruiter will focus on connecting you with the right people and job openings.

Find a recruiting firm that understands the geographic areas that interest you.

In addition to focusing on the energy industry, your chosen recruiter should spend considerable time working with companies in the geographic regions that interest you most. For example, if you’re interested in working in Pennsylvania’s shale regions, look for a recruiter who has built strong relationships in this location.

Ask what your recruiter can do for you.

Your recruiting partner’s job board should be only the first step. Talk with recruiters about other needs, such as work on fine-tuning your resume or interview skills, help determining what company culture helps you thrive and other assistance. The best recruiters focus on building relationships, so they’ll be interested to know more about you and willing to help you determine what kind of job best fits your needs.

Help your recruiter help you.

When you meet with a potential recruiting firm for an interview, treat it as you would any job interview. Doing so helps your recruiter gauge how you interview, so they can provide specialized tips and connect you with jobs that will offer a better fit. Stay in touch with your recruiter throughout the process as well; your recruiter can help answer questions and put you on the right track toward the best job and company for your career goals.

At FootBridge Energy Services, our recruiters can help you land the oil or gas industry job of your dreams. Contact the energy recruiting partners to learn more.