Warmer weather brings thoughts of renewal as you shake off the winter doldrums and consider your options for summer adventure. You may want to bring that same renewal to your career. Consider these steps to get your resume in top shape and ready for any opportunity that may arise.

Take Stock First.

Assess your most recent resume. Is it reasonably up to date? Can you simply edit it or must you start from scratch? At a minimum, add your current position and any skills or education you have added since your last update.

Delete the Superfluous.

Your resume need only reflect the last ten to fifteen years of work experience. Unless you have older positions relevant to a position you are currently interested in, older jobs can be dropped off. Arrange your experience in reverse chronological order and simply delete what’s on the bottom.

Watch Your Language

Use powerful words and appropriate up-to-date terminology, but steer away from excessive jargon. Your resume may be reviewed by people at many levels; some of them who may not be familiar with terms particular to your position. Present yourself in a way that is easy to understand.

Focus On Accomplishments

List the ways in which you were outstanding in your role. Don’t just list job duties. Delete any points that should be a given for someone employed in your field. Common sense facts just take up valuable space. Quantify your success where possible; concrete numbers can set you apart from the competition.

Prepare To Customize

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your resume is ever finished. Be prepared to tweak it for every position you apply for. Examine postings carefully to identify skills or experience that match your own and mirror the language and terminology they use.

Be Specific With the Technical

When you have highly specific technical experience, be sure to detail it so that it will be picked up easily by any software or manual screenings conducted.

Proofread and Edit

Make your resume easy to read with plenty of white space and bulleted lists. Edit ruthlessly to make it tight and concise. Check carefully for typos, grammar and punctuation errors. Ask a friend to check it as well.

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