This week we have the pleasure of talking with client business manager Danny Richard, a technical recruiter for FootBridge in the energy sector for nearly five years who has since transitioned to a manufacturing sales role. Danny explains why his unique background and experience are so important when it comes to efficiently addressing time-sensitive staffing issues within an unpredictable industry.

What does it mean to be a client business manager in the manufacturing field?

In my position, I bridge the gap between companies looking to fulfill staffing needs and customize solutions to meet their business objectives. Sometimes clients will list out a 20-item job description, but what they really need is 20 years of expertise and those “soft skills” that make all the difference – including a positive attitude, a great work history, and empathy. I am the one who takes the information provided and translates it into understandable terms.

What kind of benefits do you bring to the client relationship?

My primary responsibility is to ensure the daily operations of the manufacturing business are adequately staffed. Beyond that, I am responsible for double-checking safety protocols and conducting any background or drug screenings necessary. Furthermore, I keep the client in the loop with regard to deadlines and keep them updated on openings that we are currently in the process of filling.

How do you communicate all of this to the recruitment team?

To guarantee success, it is necessary to be in consistent communication with our recruiters both verbally and via our Bullhorn database. This allows the recruiters to get a complete picture of the manufacturer’s staffing needs, including job titles, pay rates, and job duration. With our specialized experience in the manufacturing sector, which typically requires hiring multiple positions at once, our clients are reassured that we are well-equipped to meet their requirements.

What does a typical workday look like for you?

It is all about finding the most effective strategies. By the end of each day, I use my remaining time to schedule calls for the next day.

What jobs are currently in demand within the manufacturing industry?

Test and assembly technicians are in high demand, as are material handlers, shippers and receivers, buyers, and estimators. For more information, our website offers a comprehensive list of available manufacturing positions.

Regarding recruiting, what traits do you look for in potential candidates for the manufacturing industry?

We look for people with great work history, strong communication skills, and the ability to remain in one position for an extended period of time.

Why do clients choose FootBridge for their staffing needs?

What sets us apart is that staffing for the manufacturing sector is all we do. With a long history of successfully fulfilling volume hiring needs for our clients, they know they can rely on us for the knowledge and resources needed to provide them with staffing solutions that can be implemented with minimal delay.

What is your favorite thing about working at FootBridge?

I appreciate that each day is unique, and we are a team of professionals dedicated to helping area manufacturers boost their productivity. Additionally, FootBridge is always very responsive and understands the severity of deadlines in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing program manager Tony Blestis often goes on-site to nurture the relationships with our clients, as a missed deadline can be a huge financial blow.

At FootBridge, we continue to seek talented manufacturing professionals throughout Massachusetts. On our job search page, you will find an expansive list of job openings, from assembly technicians to customer service agents and beyond. Additionally, our resource page is packed with advice to assist you in polishing your resume and preparing for your next interview. Whether you are a company in need of quick, reliable staffing solutions or an individual searching for the ideal manufacturing position, FootBridge has the skill and resources necessary to make it happen.