Is your commercial construction firm looking to hire, but not sure you need an employee for the long
term? In our last blog, we talked about the ease and flexibility to which a staffing agency like FootBridge
offers clients when it comes to using contract employees. Rather than direct-hire, which involves taking
on a full salary for a project that’s only going to last three to six months, a staffing agency such as
FootBridge can source someone for you. But you know staffing agency benefits don’t stop there?

Immediate staffing needs

We often hear from commercial construction firms that need someone on-site right away. However, a
direct-hire can take upwards of a month to complete due to numerous rounds of interviews, approvals,
and onboarding processes. By which time, the project is already undergoing delays, and the candidate
may have already moved onto another opportunity. As a staffing agency partner, however, if you have
an immediate candidate need, such as a project manager, mechanical designer, or construction
inspector, we can make that happen. Better yet, there’s no need to undergo multiple approvals because
we’ve already taken the time to vet the candidate.

Hiring someone on a contract is faster than direct because:

Here’s a scenario to consider. It’s not uncommon for commercial construction firms to hold off on
putting out project bids because they don’t know if they’ll have the people to run them. On the other
hand, a client may put out too many bids, not knowing how they are going to staff them if they come
through. We say, don’t leave money on the table. Go ahead and bid, and if those projects are awarded,
we’ll find the people to staff them. Never turn down work because you can’t find someone internally to
travel to that area! Just call FootBridge, and we’ll work to identify someone for you ASAP.

Our recruiters understand the immediacy of commercial construction projects:

  • Trust in our process—no need for multiple managerial approvals.
  • Reliable results. In most cases, clients only need to look at one or two resumes before they
    decide on a candidate.
  • Success rate. Clients don’t have to be as “certain” about a candidate, and a majority of clients
    will hire based on our recommendations.
  • Diligence. We can complete paperwork in a couple of hours and don’t cut corners.
  • Together we get the job done. If it’s not the right person, we’ll fix the situation, and you can be confident moving forward that you don’t have to make an enormous commitment.

Finally, when you work with a company like FootBridge, just know we are more than a staffing firm. We
offer a valuable business development relationship. Our recruiters listen to your needs and bring forth
the best hiring solution. You can also be assured if we aren’t the right fit, we’ll let you know and get you
to someone who can help.

As always, hiring top talent is essential to the success of your business, and our team is here to help you
find the right people with unmatched expertise.

Let’s collaborate today to fill your open positions. We are ready to source your next top performer for
continued business success.