This week we’re congratulating Briana Lowe on celebrating four years as The FootBridge Company’s recruiting and staffing support guru! Before working with us, Briana spent time as a server in the restaurant industry and worked as a customer service representative in life insurance. However, knowing she eventually wanted a more consistent role with benefits, she came to FootBridge, and we’re so glad she did so. Briana takes care of so many moving parts in our office, and the recruiters, admin, sales, and executive team are grateful for her contributions which is why we’re saying a heartfelt congratulations to Briana!

What’s it like working in the recruiting and staffing industry?

“Every day is different,” says Briana when it comes to supporting the recruiting and sales team she’s come to know so well since starting in 2018. Most importantly, Briana prides herself on sticking to a tight schedule to keep background checks, spreadsheet data, payroll information, and drug test scheduling in order. Otherwise, it would be challenging to keep up with so many variables. She’s also a big fan of writing notes to herself and placing them just about everywhere. “It’s a process, and we’re always so busy keeping up with open jobs I can’t imagine not sticking to a do-list,” she says.

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In addition to learning about the various industries FootBridge serves, including power, energy, engineering, process industries, commercial construction, and oil and gas,  Briana understands the importance of the candidate roles and why clients need to have a staffing firm relationship to remain competitive in their industry.  Briana likes to remind candidates that manufacturing is an excellent opportunity for anyone with a similar background as hers because many customer service skills are transferrable. Briana iterates the primary goal of FootBridge recruiters is to ensure contractors are comfortable and on the right career path. “We are a hundred percent behind our contractors,” she says.

According to Briana, working at FootBridge has been life-changing as it’s an environment where she feels like she’s making a difference in candidates’ lives.  She also gets that people may be nervous about entering a new career path as she did, but adds that’s normal. “It’s important to take the time to learn and grow, as no one knows everything the first time. Now I’m the person people come to for questions, and I’m always here for them.”

Supporting the FootBridge Recruiting and Staffing Team

 “It’s crazy to think I’m celebrating four years here. It’s gone by so fast,” iterates Briana, who doesn’t like to unplug from her workday until her to-do lists and notes are crossed off.  

“FootBridge takes care of its people, from those who work as recruiting and staffing support to our contractors,” says Briana explaining that when she had a terrible migraine, her co-workers advised her to go to the doctor, which surprised her. “They didn’t care if work wasn’t getting done because they cared more about me as a person feeling well. Working at FootBridge gives me the ultimate work-life balance I never knew existed.”

Speaking of balance, to celebrate Briana’s FootBridge anniversary, she’s going on a Caribbean cruise with her boyfriend – hooray! Something she said wouldn’t have been possible in previous roles because she never got her schedule in time to plan anything, nor did she receive paid time off. (At FootBridge, full-time employees have access to insurance, 401k, dental coverage, vacation and sick time, increased earning potential – and everyone looks after one another like family).   

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