When it comes to hiring Project Managers (PM) in the oil and gas, energy services, power, and utilities, or other industries, companies routinely want candidates with specific experience. They may require someone with a certain education level or industry experience. Or it could be project size and type, certifications, methodologies, or a combination of all these requirements that matter most. Even more critical, sometimes companies need multiple project managers at once, all with specific industry experience. The Project Manager title in and of itself can cover a wide variety of experiences, and it’s one of the leading reasons companies turn to agencies, like FootBridge, for their Project Management Staffing needs.

Here’s why you may need to turn to a Staffing Firm to find your next Project Manager:

Reason #1

Of course, some companies choose to hire a Project Manager from within their ranks. It’s what works for them, and they have ongoing projects for which to employ these candidates moving forward. If you’re a manager reading this article, in that case, it’s more likely you work in an industry where projects last for a specific duration. Rather than put someone on the books only to lay them off down the road, you want a temporary Project Manager with the specific skills needed on that project.

According to a report by Career Builder, “Access to quality candidates with the right skills remains the biggest pain point for more than 50 percent of hiring managers.”  Working with a staffing firm like FootBridge, however,  can give you an edge over the competition.


Reason #2

A Project Manager for one large construction project doesn’t necessarily mean the candidate is qualified to lead a project for another industry. Someone who has been a Project Manager for a large vertical project in Florida, for example, is a far fit for a Project Manager in Alaska for a winter combined cycle power plant construction.  Our clients know it, and it’s one of the reasons they look to us for assistance in finding the right person that meets their requirements. If it’s a refinery project, the client may need Project Managers with particular areas of refinery expertise. It’s unlikely they would even consider a Project Manager who may have handled upstream piping projects even if they are similar in scope.  It’s the same with our nuclear clients, in that a hiring manager typically can’t afford to consider anyone without past nuclear industry experience.

Reason #3

If there is an underlying theme with hiring Project Management positions in the oil and gas, energy services, power and utilities, or other industries, it’s that every client is seeking something different. One company may care more about a solid understanding of engineering, while another will ask for someone who knows construction sequencing. Others may want everything from pre-planning experience to engineering and estimating to project commissioning. Project management is such a broad title, but most clients are typically looking for a similar experience to the project they are about to undertake as it will save time and money over the life of the project.

Reason #4

Every day is different. Often a client will say, “I need someone who has done exactly XYZ or has transferrable skills.” In other cases, as long as a candidate has a good work history and stability with previous companies, a manager may accept them.  A manager could also be looking for people who have specific industry experience or something similar that could transfer well in different situations.

Reason #5

Project Management positions in the oil and gas, energy services, power, and utilities, or other industries can be large in scope and scale. Hiring the right Project Manager with the necessary experience can mean the difference between success and failure.

As always, our recruiters tailor PM searches to what’s essential to the client. For a list of some top project management candidates, click here. Have questions about hiring a PM for your company? Contact us today.