Over the past four years, construction of the full Keystone XL pipeline project has been up for debate. While many economic, energy, and environmental factors are being considered, Keystone XL is ultimately projected to make the U.S. stronger and safer without significantly impacting the environment or people along its route. Although the final decision is still being thought over, many people do not fully understand the contributions that Keystone XL would offer job seekers as well as the economy as a whole.

The Keystone XL pipeline would make the U.S. economically stronger by creating jobs and providing broad economic stimulus. Additionally, the pipeline would make the U.S. more economically secure by bringing in more than 800,000 barrels of oil per day to the Gulf Coast and U.S. Bakken region refineries.  According to a recent review, Keystone XL would contribute the following:

  • 42,100 average annual jobs throughout the United States over a one or two year construction period
  • $2.05 billion in employment wages
  • $3.3 billion in direct spending on construction and materials
  • $65 million in short-term revenues for government from sales and use taxes in states that levy them

U.S.-Canadian trade activity is another great benefit that would be brought on by the Keystone XL pipeline.  Canada spends approximately 89 cents on U.S. goods for every dollar that the U.S. spends on Canadian goods, including oil. By purchasing a little more than 200 million barrels of oil per year from Canada instead of another oil supplier, the trade differential would reach approximately $9 billion per year in potential U.S. exports, translating into approximately 48,297 U.S. jobs each year.  Currently, it is estimated that U.S.- Canadian trade activity generated solely by Keystone XL would increase U.S. GDP by $172 billion over a 25-year period, increasing U.S. employment alone by 117,000 jobs.

Energy activity resulting in more jobs, greater income, and spinoff economic stimuli are all projected results of the Keystone XL pipeline.  In a booming period of industrial growth such as this, it’s important to work closely with a niche company who understands the industry inside and out. FootBridge Energy prides itself in placing top candidates in the energy sector with some of the best companies in the field. If you are ready to take advantage of everything a job in the energy industry can offer, contact the energy staffing experts at FootBridge Energy today!