A strong team can overcome nearly any challenge; a weak one will crumble in the face of even everyday obstacles. To thrive in the oil and gas industry, you need a team with the strength, skill and resilience to tackle the challenges that arise in this ever-changing field.

Here are seven ways to build a stronger team:

  1. Ask, “What value does this employee bring to my company?” Ask this question whenever you evaluate a team member or candidate; then ask the team member or the candidate. Strong team members will offer an answer that focuses on action. The best team members will be able to articulate ideas that fit with the company’s overall goals.
  2. Hire for the long term. You need certain capabilities now, but you also need team members who can grow and adapt. Consider the skills and traits that will help ensure long-term success. Talk to your recruiter for help hiring candidates who can thrive in both the short and the long term.
  3. Understand your hiring objectives. Hiring to build a strong team means looking for slightly different capabilities and traits than hiring for individual strengths alone. Ask yourself what skills the team needs. Consider what personality traits the team is long (and short) on. Share your answers with your recruiter.
  4. Leverage social media. LinkedIn is specifically designed to seek out talented individuals, track when top performers leave competing companies and more. Leverage the power of social media to help you find the talent your team needs and to be ready to hire—or extend an offer to an already-employed superstar.
  5. Embrace diversity. Each member of a team brings a different perspective and skill set to the table. When determining what your team needs, decide what you need each person to do. Then, hire to meet these needs.
  6. Communicate with your team. Team members have unique views on the work, challenges and capabilities available than team leaders often have. Ask your team what they perceive their weaknesses and strengths to be. Then ask them to describe the ideal person they would add to the team.
  7. Work with your recruiter. Staffing firms specialize in helping their clients hire for the long term, build teams and strengthen a productive workplace culture. Work with your staffing partner to find the people you need.

At FootBridge Energy Services, our recruiters can help you find the talent you need to build a strong team, regardless of your position in the energy industry. Contact us today to learn more about our oil and gas recruiting solutions.