The best way to improve interview performance is to spend more time preparing. But what does preparation really mean? Making sure you’ve read the company’s annual report and updated your resume? It’s much more than that. It’s about readying yourself both in a general sense and with a focus on your target employer.

  1. Research the employer’s pain points. This will allow you to provide more specific answers. Behind every job posting is a problem waiting to be solved.
  2. Focus on what’s in it for them. Phrase your answers in a manner that focuses on their needs. You are not just a leader; you are an expert in managing projects like their XYZ initiative.
  3. Make it quantifiable. Numbers trump vagaries any day. Include percent grown, dollars saved or revenue gained. Specifics make your assertions more believable and make you look more thoughtful.
  4. Rehearse your story. The interviewer is likely to ask you to tell him about yourself. Your response should be no more than two minutes and discuss your history strengths and goals. Do not ramble. Review your history and prepare to wow the interviewer with your confidence and insights.
  1. Polish your answers. Prepare at least ten stories or anecdotes highlighting your strengths or accomplishments. You are unlikely to need all ten, but the more polished examples you have to choose from, the better off you will be. Practice your answers with a friend or use the audio or video recording function on your phone.
  1. Prepare your questions. Have at least ten questions prepared about the company or position. You can add to them as the interview progresses and you want to gather more information about the company. Remember to be completely positive throughout the entire interview from introduction through to the conclusion.
  1. Ask for the job. Finally, in the closing portion of the interview, don’t forget to ask for the job. Reiterate your qualifications, how they relate to the position and how well you will fit into the organization.

Many candidates forget about this step which can make all the difference.

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