The oil and gas industry is one of the few where demand for talent outstrips the supply. Industry leaders are well aware of this talent shortage and they are scrambling to find strategies to close the gap. Among these is the Appalachia Partnership Initiative.

Appalachia Partnership Initiative

The program promotes STEM education and workforce development throughout southwestern Pennsylvania, northern West Virginia and eastern Ohio.

Chevron Appalachia, the Allegheny Conference, the Benedum Foundation and the RAND Corporation are partnering in a $20 million, four-year effort to create STEM programs in regional middle and high schools. The programs will include hands-on learning and teacher training and will dovetail with training in technical schools and community colleges.

This initiative will prepare young people for solid, well-paying jobs that do not require a four-year degree, but do need strong STEM skills such as science, technology, engineering and math.

Impact of Marcellus Shale

The development of horizontal drilling which allows gas companies to tap into previously inaccessible natural gas deposits has opened a whole new vein of opportunity for job seekers. This is just one source creating the recent boom in demand for skilled workers. Job openings in the oil and gas industry have increased by 40% in the last six years.

Opportunities for Everyone

There is a wide range of career opportunities available in oil and gas that require varying skills and education, including:

  • Engineering and surveying
  • Construction and earthmoving
  • Equipment manufacturing, service and repair
  • Environmental permitting
  • Water transport/wastewater management
  • Well servicing
  • General labor
  • Legal
  • Accounting and other professional services

Occupational Outlook

Why should job seekers who want to grow their careers consider the oil and gas industry?

  • Average earnings for oil and gas workers is nearly $40 an hour.
  • Petroleum Engineering was the highest paying college major in 2013.
  • Average starting salary with a degree in petroleum engineering is $103,000
  • Typical mid-career median salary for petroleum engineers is $160,000.
  • Petroleum Geologists are the second highest paid workers in the United States with a median pay of $183,000 a year
  • Reservoir Engineers are the third highest paid employees in the U.S. and earn a median annual salary of $179,000

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