In an ever-growing world, energy demands are higher than ever – putting the question of energy development on every person’s mind. As opportunities in wind, solar, and other fields proliferate, many energy professionals and recent graduates don’t know where to look first. Should they venture into uncharted waters, or stick with established energy companies?

According to a recent article in the Oil & Gas Journal, the oil and gas industries are posting promising numbers for professionals seeking energy-industry work.

The article cites a 2013 study by Ernst & Young, which found that capital expenditures dropped 7 percent during the calendar year. Companies cited the reason for this decrease in capital spending: lower property acquisition costs and lower costs for exploration.

While these expenditures went down, spending on development went up – and so did oil and gas reserves, increasing 9 percent in 2013 alone.

What do these numbers mean? To start, they imply that energy companies are finding it easier to identify reserves of oil and gas and to tap into them, making it possible for companies to bring oil and gas products to market with less cost for development. Meanwhile, the fact of expanding development and the growth of reserves call for engineers and researchers who can carry out development tasks and find new ways to use these age-old energy products.

For established professionals looking for a career change or for recent graduates choosing their field, oil and gas businesses look promising. Business is booming, and work is available.

How do I Join the Oil and Gas Industry?

If you’re new to the oil and gas industry, start by connecting with recruiting firms that specialize in serving these companies. Your recruiter has spent years building a strong professional network and learning the “inside scoop” about company culture and practices in many of the strongest oil and gas businesses. He or she can help you find a company that not only puts your technical skills to use, but that also offers the right “fit” for your work style and personality.

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