One common myth surrounding the natural gas and oil industry is that all major booms and job openings are occurring in Texas. While Texas is definitely rich in natural gas and thrives when it comes to energy industry job creation, it is not the sole producing state in the U.S. In fact, big name natural gas processors including MarkWest Energy, Dominion Resources, and M3 Midstream have invested approximately $12- billion worth of infrastructure quite a distance away from Texas in Ohio.

Although Ohio may not be top of mind for many natural gas workers, drilling is nothing new to the Midwestern state. While recent advancements in horizontal drilling and fracking now allow for greater exploration in the Marcellus and Utica shale formations, more than 280,000 wells have been drilled throughout Ohio dating all the way back to 1861; however, it has only been over the past decade that experts have truly begun to realize how deep these wells run. This realization has led to one particularly huge advancement for natural gas workers throughout the Midwest: a new influx of job opportunities.

With energy gurus speculating Ohio is poised to be the site of the next big boom, many natural gas workers have begun to migrate to Ohio in the hopes of landing a better paying, stable job. Just this past year, Ohio was named among the top 10 producing states for job creation, with a whopping 38,830 jobs already created by fracking alone – and natural gas workers aren’t the only job seekers benefiting. Indirect jobs, including financial and administrative services and real estate are also poised to reap the benefits of oil and gas extraction in a seemingly unlikely region.

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