This week The FootBridge Company congratulates our beloved office manager and HR administrator Diane Longtin, as she celebrates 22 years of working with us! To say we are amazed by her talents, generosity, and good-natured disposition is an understatement as there’s not much “Di” wouldn’t do for us or anyone for that matter, and we certainly appreciate all her efforts. She and her team touch upon almost every aspect of FootBridge, and we think she deserves a big thank you! From sending out start packets to onboarding and following client guidelines about their specific paperwork requirements, background screenings, and drug testing, no day is the same. Yet, throughout it all, Di remains steadfast in her work and is one of the most cheerful people we know.

About Diane Longtin: Many may not realize that before coming to FootBridge, Di worked in the manufacturing industry for a hefty 17 years performing assembly and machine shop work on circuit boards, transistors, and capacitors, so she can truly relate to the candidates we place in this rugged industry. 

She also worked as a union steward, which she describes as a combination of a makeshift lawyer and psychologist. “It was interesting work in that I got to lobby for employee rights, and I continue to draw on the experience in my interactions with candidates.  Whether they have insurance or timesheet questions, I know if they’re asking, it’s just as critical that I get back to them promptly. The last thing I want is to leave someone wondering if they’ll ever hear back from me.”  

From enduring layoffs to working night shifts and changing roles in the manufacturing industry, Di’s done it all. What’s more,  her caring nature and willingness to understand candidate questions are evident in everything she does. We know for sure a typical day for Diane is busy from the get-go as she attends to urgent issues such as start and end dates and insurance plan questions ranging from coverage to adding family members. While most of her work centers around contractors, she manages all office equipment and sets up and maintains company accounts.  

“It’s a crazy schedule jumping from one topic to the next, but every day is very hands-on, and I love being pulled in multiple directions – it keeps my day interesting,”  Di advises anyone looking to work as an administrator in the staffing industry to keep learning and maintain an open mind, as there’s always something new to discover, from technology to industry news or staffing industry topics.  

This brings us back to how much Di means to the FootBridge team as she prioritizes and adapts to ever-changing circumstances.  In addition to her workload, she’s willingly grown our support team from one administrator to an additional full-time person and two part-time individuals. “I value my team as much as the candidates for who we provide support. They go above and beyond what I ask of them, and I couldn’t ask for more hardworking, reliable, and genuinely kind individuals who are always there for one another.”

What else can we say? Ultimately, Di cares about who we put on a job and how they do after the placement. She’s been with us throughout varying times, including inflation and job market ebbs and flows, including 9/11 and the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout it, she’s stepped up to help keep business running per usual, to which we are beyond appreciative. Cheers to another year celebrating with our office extraordinaire!