Your team is very talented, and you know they’re capable of achieving a lot more than the level they’re currently at. Change doesn’t happen on its own, so as the boss, it’s your job to make sure you’re challenging your employees and providing them with the resources they need to succeed. Learn how to get the most from the outstanding group of people you have on staff at your energy company.

Invest in Your Team

It’s hard to reach maximum productivity when you don’t have the tools needed to reach your potential. Send your team to regular training sessions, seminars and industry conferences to keep their skills updated. Additionally, technology is also constantly advancing, so upgrade your systems as much as possible to provide your employees with a strong foundation. When you care enough to invest in your people, they reward you by exerting their best possible efforts.

Take Inventory of Untapped Potential

Your team is very talented — this isn’t news to you — but each person likely has skills you don’t know about. Break into this unused potential by meeting with your staff one-on-one to learn more about these abilities and discuss how they can be better utilized. Prepare to be amazed at the amount of resources you have on staff that you never realized. This is also a great way to engage employees who have grown a bit bored with their work, as you’re giving their jobs a fun new twist.

Provide Regular Feedback

For employees, it’s beyond discouraging to work hard every day and feel invisible. People thrive on feedback from their manager to gauge how they’re doing and feel like their contributions matter. When your own schedule is jam-packed each day and you know your team doesn’t require much oversight, it’s easy for this disconnect to occur. Most employees work much harder when they know the boss is watching, so make providing feedback a regular occurrence.

Offer Incentives

Simply put, people respond to incentives. Challenge your staff to meet elevated performance goals by holding contests among individuals or teams, rewarding the winner with a prize. Incentives can be anything from a $5 Starbucks gift card to an extra vacation day, as long as it fits your budget and entices your employees to step up their game.

Cut Back on Meetings

There’s a very good chance both you and your employees have a calendar filled with meetings you don’t need to attend. Not only is sitting in a meeting you don’t actually need to be in boring, it’s also a colossal waste of time. Prior to sending a meeting request, encourage your staff to make sure each person on the invite list really needs to attend, and urge people to push back if they’re asked to go to a meeting they probably don’t need to attend.

Maintaining levels of high productivity is essential to remaining competitive in the energy sector. As the leading recruiting expert in the oil and gas sector, FootBridge Energy Services understands the importance of crafting an effective staffing and recruiting plan to your business success. If you are looking for assistance with your energy sector company’s staffing needs, contact us today!