No matter how well you’ve prepared for an interview, sometimes things just go awry. Traffic issues make you a minute or two late; you mispronounce the interviewers name; you draw a blank when asked a critical question. It’s the stuff of nightmares. It is possible to recover from almost any interview mistake though, with quick and thoughtful action that will put you back in the running for the job.

Don’t hesitate to apologize. As soon as you realize you’ve gone off the rails, correct yourself. The interviewer knows that anyone can make a mistake. Ignoring it will only make it worse. Catching it quickly is better than having them bring it up and coming up with an excuse on the fly.

Stay on message. Don’t let a single mistake knock you off your game. Keep beating yourself up and you’ll only make it worse. You could make additional mistakes by obsessing about it. Once you’ve corrected yourself, put it behind you and move on.

Follow up. Didn’t realize your error until the interview was over? Send a quick email. Don’t dwell on it or ramble. Correct your error quickly and go on to thank the interviewer for meeting with you and reiterate why you are the best candidate for the position.

Ask for a do-over. This takes nerves of steel and should only be employed if your mistake was a deal breaker and you’ve got nothing to lose. If you have valid case that you were at less than your best, give it a shot. The worst that can happen is they refuse.

Don’t let it happen again. While obsessing is counterproductive, thinking about where you went wrong can help you next time around. Did you fail to prepare adequately? Not get enough sleep? Decide winging it was a good idea? You only truly fail when you don’t learn from your mistakes.

Keep your search active. Whether you’ve made a mistake in your interview, or are sure you nailed it, don’t slow your search until you have an offer in writing. Things can go wrong at any stage and keeping the momentum going is critical to your success.

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