As previously discussed, setting a timeline is the first crucial step to implementing a streamlined recruiting strategy; however, a timeline can only work as well as it is followed. Once your timeline has been determined, it is absolutely essential that it is followed by all members of your hiring team. Failing to follow your timeline could ultimately result in missing critical checkpoints or deadlines, miscommunication with your recruiter, or even missing out on securing the energy industry’s top talent — something your company simply cannot afford.

The key to sticking to a lean recruiting strategy is timeliness. While it is important to understand the importance of investing the appropriate amount of time on your hiring process as a whole, it is equally as imperative to allot the correct amount of time to each step on your timeline – no more, no less. Not only will this hold both your hiring team and recruiting firm accountable, it will greatly improve your success rate when it comes to meeting your hiring goals. Consider these fundamental checkpoints as you get started:

  • Timely review of candidates’ resumes and information. Having your timeline in place should provide you with a basic idea of when to expect the top candidates’ credentials from your recruiter. Block off time as soon as possible to review this information with your core team to determine which candidates you would like to invite for an interview. If other companies are moving faster in their hiring process than yours, you could very well lose your top choice candidate to a competitor. Remember, take the time you need but move diligently.
  • Timely and honest feedback with your recruiter. If your recruiter does not have an accurate idea of the types of candidates you want, you won’t get the candidates you want. This is why clear communication is so critical. If you aren’t impressed with the candidates your recruiter has recommended, say so. Provide as much honest feedback as possible to ensure your recruiter can find the right type of candidate for your company. The sooner the recruiter can recognize these traits, the sooner they can find your candidate and fill your position.
  • Timely decision making. When your timeline was originally created, you should have included a start to finish timeframe for making a hire. Even when this seems difficult, try as much as possible to stick with the deadline you set for yourself. This will motivate you to keep moving through your process with your goal in sight and reach.

Whether you are in need of contract workers or permanent employees, working with your staffing firm to stick to a designated timeline is one of the best practices to ensure your likelihood of snagging the top candidates in the energy sector.  Determining a realistic timeline will allow you to rest easy knowing that your hiring needs are in the capable hands of your recruiter so you can focus on running your business.  If you are looking for additional energy industry hiring resources, contact the energy staffing professionals at FootBridge Energy today!