As discussed in our previous two posts in this three part series, implementing a lean recruiting process is vital for company success in the energy industry.  We’ve explored the importance of setting and following a hiring timeline with tips on how to stay on track throughout the process, however, sometimes what seems like the simplest part of the equation is overlooked: communication. While communication is the foundation to any successful relationship, it is especially important in niche recruiting. Although recruiters are experts in their industry, each company is unique and recruiters are able to work best when they know exactly what type of candidate a company needs.

While most companies are not intentionally dishonest with their recruiters, many do tend to be short with them. Providing the best information you can enables your staffing partner to improve the quality of candidates they offer as well as work more effectively and efficiently on your behalf. Some of the best methods for improving your communication with your recruiter include:

  • Fully describing your needs. Clear job descriptions accompanied by an honest portrayal of your company’s culture and the types of employees who succeed in it will provide your recruiter with an invaluable wealth of information for screening candidates and improving the overall quality of search results.
  • Separating needs from wants.  Non-negotiable skills, experiences, and qualities exist for any position; however, some of these skills, experiences and qualities may be preferred but not absolutely required. Distinguish the difference between needed qualities and wanted qualities in an employee to help your recruiter find the best candidates who possess both.
  • Seeing the big picture. Sharing your company’s strategic staffing plan with your recruiter can help improve the quality of candidates for both your current needs and future goals. This long-term mentality can also help you build an ongoing partnership with your recruiting firm.

Clear, honest, and direct communication is essential to helping your staffing partner find your ideal candidate.  If you are unsure about your staffing needs, discuss it with your staffing partner; they are experts in identifying staffing needs and finding the right people to fill your open positions. If you are in need of top quality job candidates in the energy industry, contact the energy staffing experts at FootBridge Company today!