It happens in every company eventually: Your star player, the person you rely on to set the bar for excellence for the entire team, has just announced they’re leaving the company.

Now what? You could let productivity and organization take a hit while you scramble to find a replacement who you hope will do half as well – or you can take deliberate steps to find your next star. Here are four things to do the day your best team member gives notice:

Schedule an exit interview.

In most companies, the top talent is “top” not only due to their skills and drive, but because they also form a great cultural “fit” with the organization itself. When a key person leaves, it is crucial to ask them why.

During the exit interview, give the exiting employee space to speak freely, then listen and reflect. Read between the lines to determine whether the resignation is something that can be prevented in the future – and if it can, take steps now to fix the problem.

Consider a counteroffer.

Once you know why the person is leaving, it’s time to weigh the merits of making a counteroffer. Are they leaving because the benefits or work-life balance is better with a new employer? If so, you may be able to compete on those terms.

Counteroffers can be a delicate matter. Most exiting employees have already given significant thought to the pros and cons of leaving long before they turn in their resignation letter. Weigh the affect the absence will have on the team and the company as well as your options for a counteroffer and the potential risks before stepping forward.

Create a transition plan.

Losing a top employee can hurt your productivity, but leaving the rest of the team hanging only compounds the problem. Ask the exiting employee to work with fellow team members in their last days to create a transition plan that balances the workload among the remaining team members and clarifies how the work will be done until the position is filled.

Call your recruiter.

Finally, call your staffing partner. Be prepared to talk about why the employee who is leaving was so valuable to the team – for skills, as well as attitude and work ethic. Your recruiter knows how to use this information to locate candidates who meet or exceed that profile, improving your chances of finding another outstanding employee.

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