The energy sector continues to grow, develop and innovate in the face of ever-increasing energy and environmental demands. It’s a great industry for those who wish to embrace a challenging and exciting new career.

If you’re looking at a future in the energy industry, keep these insights in mind:

1. Get Ready to “Talk Energy” During an Interview

Prepare for interviews by doing some background reading on the energy industry. What are the latest opportunities, challenges, and trends? How is the company responding to what’s happening in the world around it?

Then, think about your own accomplishments. Be ready to talk about how what you’ve achieved in the past demonstrates how you can help the company tackle today’s challenges.

2. Watch the Energy Sector Trends

The energy sector’s hiring changes dramatically as new energy sources are discovered or production sites are moved. To ensure you’re targeting your job search in the right areas, stay on top of the news. Creating a Google News alert or similar reminder can help you ensure you’re the first to know when big energy industry stories drop.

3. Plan Your Career Growth Today

Even if you’re merely browsing, now is a great time to start planning your career growth. Start by setting specific, measurable goals, such as “I will apply to two jobs in the energy sector by Friday.”

As you research jobs in the industry, start sketching out other goals, like “I will move to a senior engineer position within three years of starting my career.” While these goals can be adapted over time, they provide a map to guide your search today – and they give you a plan to discuss with confidence when interviewers ask you where you see yourself in five years.

4. Know What You Want to Say

Before walking into an interview, plan your answers ahead of time. Prepare for each interview individually. Choose two or three major achievements in past jobs and use them as examples of the skills and abilities you bring to the table. Don’t forget to plan your own questions for the interviewer.

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