These days, finding qualified talent remains a challenge. The COVID-19 pandemic and the high rate of baby boomers entering retirement did a number on the workforce. Flexible schedules, remote work, and work-life balance also made it more enticing for workers to change career paths.  

While we have seen our share of candidates choose to stay close to home rather than expose themselves to COVID-19, something known as the Great Resignation, many of our candidates also choose to work as contractors because, to them, it’s a form of retirement. In that, they get to decide when and where they work. They also specialize in their field of work, whether it be project controls, engineering, construction management, or something else. They enjoy a flexible schedule, competitive pay, and if they work 35 hours a week – they also receive benefits. 

Something that remains constant, despite the COVID-19 pandemic is that the demand for niche skills such as nuclear, oil and gas, energy services, process industries, manufacturing, and power and utilities is high, and contractors make good money. Therefore, working as an energy contractor can be just the right retirement plan for some workers. As an energy contractor under FootBridge, candidates have access to dental, vision, life, disability, and even supplemental insurances. They can contribute to a 401K, and all of these benefits are portable too. Meaning an employee can take them wherever they go. 

Any hire made through FootBridge is an employee of our firm. We assume all liability for the employee, including payroll, employee benefits administration, liability insurance, worker’s compensation, future unemployment benefits, and more. Our goal is to make hiring contract talent as easy as possible.

In some cases, companies can afford to pay energy workers more for an assignment for the simple reason they are not taking on a salary and benefits. You could have a six-month project for a skilled construction manager, and most companies can afford to pay more for a specific period such as this. As a result, some companies make out better as they can often pay contractors more because they aren’t increasing their costs. 

What’s more, a staffing firm comes in with a candidate who has the required skillsets when needed. If you look at our website, you’ll see that in 2021 alone, FootBridge placed more than 8,000 contractors/employees in 48 states. All of which totaled more than six million work hours! We also help manage the HR details and are always up to date on staffing protocol. 

In the words of one of our clients, “FootBridge is one of the best in the business at finding quality engineers, project managers, and technical expertise for staff augmentation. From recruiters to account executives, they have a knack for maintaining great client and contractor relationships resulting in flawless execution. My affiliation has developed into one of both friendship and professionalism over the past four years.”

Another perk our candidates appreciate is that we stay in touch throughout the hiring process and the first months on the job. We listen when they call, offer advice, and make sure everything works out well. Here’s what one candidate had to say, “My recruiter’s (FootBridge) professional demeanor is that of unending support for his colleagues and thoroughness of his work. His tenacity is equal to anyone I have met or have been fortunate to work with. If you ever wanted a company that represented the team or individual as a go-to company for results, it would be FootBridge.”

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