Employee engagement should be an ongoing effort in your organization. After all, employees who feel taken care of, appreciated and trusted are both happier and more productive at work. In order to retain top talent and recruit the best new candidates, it is extremely important to harness strong employee engagement.

Employee engagement, in the traditional sense, is no longer enough to fuel top performance in a world of increasing demand. What is required now is something known as sustainable engagement. The key to this kind of engagement is to create a work environment that more fully energizes employees by promoting their physical, emotional, and social well-being.

Since sustainable engagement focuses more on investing in the core needs of employees, it is difficult to define specific activities to promote engagement. Instead, find ways to fuel inspiration in your employees with the following:

  • Change your views as a leader. The first step is to begin thinking like a Chief Energy Officer. Energy is contagious, and it is your job to set an example by talking the talk and walking the walk.
  • Recognize burnout and overload. Feelings of overload and burnout are extremely common among today’s workforce. Shift from the traditional focus of getting more out of your employees and effectively address the issue of capacity. This is a great proactive step towards energizing the workplace.
  • Create policies to allow flexibility. Organizations need to create policies and practices that make it possible for employees to better manage their workload, live more balanced lives, exercise greater autonomy. Policies focused on flexibility and working remotely when possible greatly contribute to a more energized workplace.

A sustainably engaged workforce begins with employers and employees who truly value and invest in one another. Employees and employers alike who are willing to take responsibility for how they manage as well as take care of themselves end up feeling better and performing better on the job. FootBridge Energy is a staffing firm focused on energy, both in the industry and the workplace. If you are looking for additional sustainable engagement resources, contact the energy staffing experts at FootBridge Energy today!