Recruiting top talent is tough in the current employment market. Many of the best available candidates are already working for competing oil and gas companies, or they have left the energy industry altogether in search of opportunities in related fields.

Here’s how energy industry employers can attract better candidates in order to build stronger teams:

Clarify your value proposition.

Why should top candidates want to work for your company?

Hiring managers who can answer this question in one sentence have a strong value proposition to offer candidates. Incorporate this answer into job postings, make it part of your employment brand, and share it with your recruiter.

Communicating the value of working for your company is essential because many top candidates can choose between several competing offers. They need a clear understanding of what they gain by joining your team. Often, these candidates are interviewing your company just as you’re interviewing them. When you can explain why you offer a great place to work, they’re more likely to take your offer.

How to Hire Top Talent with FootBridge

Streamline your hiring process.

A hiring process that drags on or isn’t clearly communicated to candidates tends to turn the best candidates away. Top performers in a competitive industry don’t need to wait for a company to “figure it out” when it comes to hiring; they can and do take offers from companies that have streamlined their hiring process.

Talk to your staffing firm to develop a more efficient hiring strategy. Time management, improve interviewing skills for managers, and good communication with candidates are essential. Your recruiter can help your organization improve in all three areas – so you can keep your best candidates engaged throughout the process.

Work with a recruiter.

Staffing firms specialize in building professional networks. In a competitive hiring economy, many of the best candidates are already working for other companies. These “passive candidates” aren’t looking for work, but they’ll consider a change of employer if the fit is right.

Your recruiter knows these passive candidates. Your recruiter understands your company’s unique culture and vision, and your recruiter can reach out to the passive candidates who are most likely to become your next superstar employee.  

Make Recruiting Top Talent Easier

At FootBridge, our recruiters help our energy industry clients find qualified candidates who also offer a great fit for their team and company. Contact us today to learn more.