Did you know that for over 20 years, the FootBridge Companies has been dedicated to hiring for top project controls jobs? Whether you are a company looking to hire or a candidate searching for work, our recruiters are ready to support your goals. As you are probably already aware, project controls are the control of costs and time on a project to ensure a deliverable. It can also be considered a methodology that includes controlling, planning, tracking, and executing a schedule and/or budget. And in the construction and engineering sector, project controls play a considerable role in ensuring the positive outcome of multi-billion-dollar projects that require massive sequencing.

How to hire project controls talent

Hiring project controls workers with a specialized skill set, however, isn’t always a straightforward process. Besides having to advertise and source for a position, there’s salary, insurance, and benefits to consider. However, using a staffing firm like FootBridge offers many advantages and alleviates the hiring burden. Not only do we have access to a vast resource of candidates, but a contract hire enables companies to assume a one-time capital expense. Making it an operational cost instead. And in an industry where a project’s success is measured by its timeliness and adherence to budget, this is very important to businesses. Read our article on The Benefits of Hiring Contract Help to learn more. 

What makes someone a good candidate for project controls? Candidates who fulfill these positions are often high level and may have a Bachelor of Science degree in construction, followed by a master’s degree in business.  Others may have a Bachelor of Science in engineering and construction management or civil engineering. But these are just some examples of educational backgrounds in this field. Many also go on to get some sort of master’s degree in business or accounting. 

Experience may include previous supervisory positions in the construction, energy, and government sectors with hands-on knowledge in various project control software systems. An industrial estimator, for example, which falls under project controls management, may have a background in food processes, pulp, and paper, or power. In addition to software experience, they will have strong conceptual and estimating practices.  While still, other candidates may have experience working in the oil and gas sector doing cost control for T&D projects, risk management, estimating, and scheduling. There really is a wide variety of positions that fall under the scope of project controls work, and FootBridge can help your company manage it. 

What’s the difference between project controls and project management? The answer to this question is the project manager directs the team. In contrast, a project controller advises and makes sure the deliverable is obtainable, on-budget, and on-target. 

How does Project Controls impact a company?

Project controls start with planning – plain and simple. The person in this role will work to identify the “controls” that include data gathering and analysis. Once information is collected, there’s development, management, and scheduling to be done. This phase is usually followed by cost analysis, risk management, documentation, quality control, and assimilation.  Of course, this is just a glimpse of the project controls market. There really is a wide variety of skill sets and responsibilities that come with the position.  

As always, hiring top talent is essential to the success of your business, and our team is here to help you find the right people with unmatched expertise.  

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