The green energy sector is growing four times faster than any other industry today. This rapid growth offers new and unique opportunities for higher paying jobs throughout the U.S., especially for women looking to join the sector. Recent studies show that 3 out of every 10 green energy jobs are currently held by women. With the combination of these higher-paying jobs and lower-wage gaps than seen in other industries, the number of women joining the green energy workforce is expected to spike significantly.

Women currently make up roughly half of the total U.S. workforce and are extremely vital to the recovering economy. Joining the green energy sector allows women to take advantage of above-average pay and benefits, making it very logical that women should make up a good portion of green energy jobs. Because of the undeniable opportunity the green energy sector affords women workers, we expect to see a rise in the following:

  • Representation of women in STEM fields. It is projected that more women will be encouraged to enter science, technology, engineering, and math fields earlier on their career paths through programs that offer career counseling, mentoring, and training. Increasing the number of women qualified for STEM positions will create a larger pool of female applicants, strengthen the green energy workforce, and pave the way for future women interested in joining the green energy sector.
  • Women workers in traditionally male-dominated fields. It is expected that an increased number of companies in the green goods and service sector will put additional non-discriminatory standards and best practices in place. Potential best practices could include access to professional development training, business management skills classes, and instating a required percentage of women in leadership positions or advisory boards.

The rapidly growing green energy sector offers a prime opportunity for a more unbiased and inclusive workforce that can help narrow the gender wage gap while building a stronger, steadier economy in which women can fully benefit. FootBridge Energy is the number one resourceful and impartial niche staffing firm in the energy sector with over a decade’s worth of experience and relationships with the most influential companies in the industry. Interested in growing your energy sector career? Contact the energy staffing professionals at FootBridge Energy today and browse our many job opportunities for qualified professionals!