FootBridge Energy Services is proud and excited to unveil its brand new energy staffing website! The energy industry is one that is constantly growing and evolving, and the new website exemplifies just that. With an attractive, yet easy to navigate interface, FootBridge Energy is confident the new website will serve as a one stop shop for all staffing solutions in the energy industry.

The new website has been built with a wide audience in mind and will serve both energy producers as well as job candidates throughout the country. According to FootBridge,

“[The website] validates who we are and the services we provide. As [hiring managers] look further, they can see examples of problems we have solved for peers. For candidates, it shows us as a strong, reliable company that caters to their needs as much as our clients. In addition, [we] think they will see value in the success stories and know that we understand their market.”

FootBridge Staffing will use the site’s blog to discuss industry news, energy sector hiring trends, and hiring and management tips including methods for recruiting the right candidates. For job seekers, the blog will feature posts that include great advice for career advancement and job searching pointers including how to discover everyday job opportunities within the energy sector.

The website also highlights the staffing services and hiring solutions that the firm offers, including numerous client testimonials and success stories. Whether you’re an employer looking for your next employee, a job seeker looking for a new job opportunity, or someone simply interested in learning more about the energy job market.

FootBridge Energy Services invites you to take a tour of its newly refined website for a firsthand experience of everything it has to offer. If you are looking for the perfect candidate, the perfect new job, or more information on becoming part of the energy industry, contact the experienced professionals at FootBridge Energy Services today!