As 2021 Makes a Comeback – An Energy Staffing Firm Can Help You Find the Right Contractor

Today we’re talking about energy staffing and the demand for candidates. Like many industries, energy companies face an increased staffing demand compared to the number of available candidates. Offers are extremely competitive, and there’s likely to be plenty of them. This is primarily due to pent-up needs following the 2020 (COVID-19) slow down. Working with a staffing firm, now more than ever can help ease this burden. Not only can recruiters help companies hire candidates with hard-to-find skill sets, but companies have a better chance of reducing long-term fixed costs and avoiding layoffs.

To go permanent or contract, however, remains a concern amongst candidates and with good reason. For instance, a Global Energy Staffing Report notes that 78 percent of oil and gas workers feel less secure in their jobs than they did a year ago. And even though oil and gas demands are rising, which means more jobs, there remains anxiety about how long a person will stay on a project.

However, the oil & gas, commercial construction, ESCO, power and utilities, and process industries are highly mobile as workers tend to travel worldwide for projects.

For candidates thinking about transitioning from full-time to contract energy work, the benefits are something worth considering. Often the pay can be higher. Plus, you get to build new relationships and make connections that can propel your career forward. Once a contract energy worker develops the right relationships with recruiters, finding new opportunities becomes more manageable too.

As for hesitating to take a contract job, candidates can rest assured that as soon as one project ends, your recruiter can work on placing you somewhere else. There’s also less stagnation, and your achievements add up fast. Contract work can be immediate, whereas waiting for a permanent position that may not happen is not.

The energy workforce is undeniably undergoing many changes.

More people want the flexibility to work from home, and although contract workers in the energy market, in many cases, will need to be on-site, they can pick and choose when to work. According to a Harvard Business Review Report, given a chance, most of the population would choose flexible hours and jobs in locations that allow them to prioritize family and personal interests.

For Energy Companies Hiring

For energy companies hiring, as soon as you need to hire a candidate for a project, a recruiter can start sourcing them. In many cases, they can have someone on sight the next day. Contrarily, waiting to hire a permanent energy employee could put your company at risk of losing a contract. Not to mention you still have to pay the benefits and insurances on behalf of the employee.

Here at FootBridge, we have long-lasting relationships with so many of our candidates. Just check out our energy success stories to see what our clients and contractors say about working with FootBridge.

Often, clients are surprised to learn that when hiring contract energy workers, many of the costs are assumed by your staffing provider. Here’s how it works:

  • As the employer of record, your staffing firm handles tasks like state and federal employee paperwork, insurance, hourly rates, and other potential costs.
  • Plus, there are no layoffs to assume. Once the job is done, the candidate can move to another position with your company, or a recruiter can help them find another one. Unless, of course, you choose to make them permanent.

Talk to your recruiter if you’re uncertain whether contract employees can help you manage costs or how working with contract staff will impact your overall staffing budget.

The Bottomline:

Our constant communication and client support mean FootBridge is always in touch with top-quality candidates. If your company is looking at a sizeable one-time energy project, talk to your recruiter about working with contract staff who possess the technical skill to do the job well. You may be surprised at how quickly a recruiter can source the right candidate for energy work.

At FootBridge, our recruiters specialize in finding the energy contract talent our clients need, so you’ll always have experienced professionals ready to step into any project. Contact us today to learn more.

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