Energy industry professionals are often at the top of their game. The ever-shifting nature of the industry and the specific knowledge and skills it requires means that top employees are deeply committed to learning, expanding their skills, and performing at their best.

With so much natural motivation in the pipeline, it’s easy for companies to become complacent about supporting their staff’s productivity. But the responsibility for keeping motivation high belongs to both the employer and the employee. Here’s how to encourage employees to stay motivated and boost productivity – without breaking the bank:

  1. Encourage professional development. Top performers earn that distinction by being passionate, ambitious, and driven. They lose motivation quickly without concrete professional goals on the horizon. To keep encouraging the kind of drive that gets results, make professional development options easily available and encourage employees to pursue them. You’ll be adding capabilities to your company’s workforce while giving your top performers the environment they need to do their best work.
  2. Provide time-management resources. Every employee does their best work at certain times and under certain conditions – but these moments vary from person to person. Some are at their best first thing in the morning, while others don’t rise to full capacity until later in the day. By making flex time, telecommuting, and other time-management options readily available, you enable employees to do their best work when they’re best equipped to do it. You also demonstrate trust in their judgment and their own time-management skills, which boosts motivation and loyalty.
  3. Make communication easy. Open communication channels boost motivation in many ways. When staff can easily bounce ideas off one another, they can generate more enthusiasm, reach better results, and encourage one another to keep going. When staff can easily communicate with supervisors, they can perform their jobs with the confidence that any questions can be easily addressed and that conflicts or other problems will be resolved with a focus on the issues, rather than on reprisal. Communication is a powerful motivator and an integral part of any high-performing professional team.

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