Even after you land a job, it is highly recommended to maintain a positive, active relationship with your recruiter. Unplanned events, such as a staffing decrease, could leave you searching for a job once again. In situations such as these, having a staffing expert on your side can prove to be extremely beneficial.

These words of wisdom ring especially true in niche industries, such as the energy, and oil and gas sectors, where it takes the expertise of a specialized recruiter to truly understand the ins and outs of hiring trends within the industry.  To stay top of mind with your recruiter, practice the following tips:

  • Build before you need. Above all, it is important to have a solid relationship with your recruiter before you find yourself in need of their services again. Cultivating a strong relationship with your recruiter when you are not looking for a job is one of the best ways to ensure they will be ready, willing, and available to help you find a new job if and when the time does come.
  • Keep regular contact. While it is unnecessary to speak with your recruiter daily, staying in regular contact is highly advised. Consider sending your recruiter a monthly email to update them on your current job status, such as how they have helped you, what you have learned, and how you are progressing with your professional goals. Not only will this regular contact keep you fresh in your recruiter’s mind, it will notify them of any new or polished skills that may come in handy for a future position.
  • Connect on social media. Social media is a wonderful resource for professionals today with numerous ways to take advantage of it. Like your recruiter’s company page on Facebook to show them support and keep current. Interacting with your recruiter on LinkedIn is another great way to stay in touch and foster a positive, professional relationship.

While it is important and recommended to maintain contact with your recruiter after finding a job, the true trait of a good recruiter is to stay in touch with the employee throughout an assignment. FootBridge Energy is the premiere energy staffing solution specializing in both contract and long-term job placement. If you are looking to advance your energy career, contact the energy staffing experts at FootBridge Energy today!