When you apply for a job, you highlight your skills, education, and experience – but so does everyone else who applies.  To stand out among competing candidates when interviewing, you’ll need to display the qualities the employer wants most, as well as the ability to handle the technical aspects of the job.

Here are six traits many employers look for when interviewing job candidates:

Long-Term Potential

Employee turnover is expensive, so most employers seek to limit it by hiring people who offer a good personality “fit” with the company today and the ability to develop into solid leaders in the future.  Enthusiasm, a willingness to learn, and a desire to climb the developmental ladder this company offers can all help you demonstrate long-term potential.

Applied Skills

Anyone can claim they have a particular skill set on paper – but can you demonstrate how you’ve used it to succeed at a work project or challenge?  In your resume and interview answers, focus on showing how you’ve used your skills to accomplish goals, whether they’re completing an assigned project or helping your co-workers be more productive.


Very few companies accomplish their goals by putting everyone on an independent path and hoping for the best.  Instead, workers in all types of companies and industries must coordinate their efforts and work as a team to reach their goals.  Prepare examples of times you have worked as part of a team to demonstrate your own ability to combine your efforts with those of others.


Nearly all businesses love workers who are willing to take the initiative, learn skills outside their job description, and go “above and beyond.”  Highlighting how you’ve taken additional classes, asked for training outside your department or volunteered at work or in your community demonstrates this trait.

Attention to Detail

Sloppiness rarely sells to employers.  Whether it’s triple-checking the grammar and formatting on your resume or making sure your interview outfit is clean and ironed, paying attention to the details of your own work communicates you can do the same for your employer, as well.


Often, when employers are stuck between two good candidates, the one they choose is the one who appears more enthusiastic and passionate about the job and the company.  Don’t hide your enthusiasm for fear that it is “unprofessional.”  If this is your dream job, say so!

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