As the top recruiting firm in the energy sector, FootBridge Energy Services knows that at every company, the recruiting and hiring function is vitally important. If it’s not innovative and effective, then you can’t possibly build a strong team. With that in mind, what are some red flags that your business could use some outside recruiting help? Here are five trouble signs:

Sign #1: Your turnover rate is high.

Some turnover at a company is expected – and even healthy. However, if certain positions have become a revolving door, or your company is experiencing a sudden uptick in turnover, it’s time to examine your recruiting and hiring process. Perhaps the right people aren’t being hired to begin with. Or maybe they’re not being onboarded properly. Whatever the case, it’s important to determine the culprit and fix it, which a recruiting agency can help you do.

Sign #2: Your team doesn’t get along.

When there’s no cohesion, and constant bickering instead, it’s a sign you don’t have the right people in the right positions. When you’re recruiting, it’s imperative to pay attention to personalities, characters and values so you can ensure those you do hire are not only a fit for the position, but for the company culture and the department, as well.

Sign #3: Your top-pick candidates regularly reject your offers.

This could be for a variety of reasons. The hiring process may be too long and cumbersome for them. Or perhaps you didn’t effectively promote your employer brand and the benefits of working at the company. Whatever the case, if you’re regularly being turned down, there’s a reason. You need to find it, which is what an oil and gas recruiting agency can help you do.

Sign #4: You don’t have an in-house recruiting team.

You may have assigned the task of recruiting to a department manager, or to someone else within the company. The problem with that is they’re likely not properly trained on effective recruiting, interviewing, and hiring techniques and strategies. This can impact the quality of the candidates you’re screening, as well as hiring.

Sign #5: Your in-house recruiting team isn’t using the latest technology.

If you want top talent, you must move quickly…and that often means putting technology to good use in the hiring and recruiting process. If your internal team doesn’t have access to an applicant tracking system, or your company doesn’t have a careers website or a social media presence, it could be hindering your ability to recruit and hire the best.

If you’re experiencing the red flags above, it’s time to look outside your company for extra help in hiring. If you’d like to learn more, contact FootBridge Energy Services. As the leading staffing experts in the oil and gas industry, we know how to help companies like yours overcome your biggest staffing headaches, so you can find and hire the best people. Contact us today to learn more.