As the top Energy Staffing firm, FootBridge knows that at every company, the recruiting and hiring function is vitally important. If it’s not innovative and effective, then you can’t possibly build a strong team. With that in mind, what are some red flags that your business could use some outside recruiting help? Here are 5 trouble signs:

Sign #1: High employee turnover

Some employee turnover is expected – and even healthy as long as it brings opportunities. However, if certain positions have become a revolving door, or your company is experiencing a sudden uptick in turnover, it’s time to examine your recruiting and hiring process.

To get a better idea of what’s normal and what’s not, check out these stats:

Whatever the reason, unfortunately, high turnover negatively affects team dynamics and leads to low productivity.  Not only are you losing talent, but you have to go through the process of recruiting and training again. Working with a staffing firm, however, eliminates this burden.

Sign #2: Low Morale

When there’s no cohesion and constant disagreement amongst a team, it’s a sure sign you don’t have the right people in the correct positions. When recruiting, it’s imperative to pay attention to personalities, characters, and values so you can ensure those you do hire are not only a fit for the position but the company culture and the department, as well.  Since recruitment is our focus, we can provide multiple options from which your team can choose.

Sign #3: Your top-pick candidates regularly reject your offers

This could be for a variety of reasons. The hiring process may be too long and cumbersome, or the culture may not be what the candidate expected. Perhaps it has something to do with the offer itself, seeing as salary and benefits are the top reasons for accepting an offer.

Our firm understands client goals and will never look to present an offer that will not be accepted.  If someone does turn down a request, we go back to decipher why this wasn’t the right fit and regroup, so you don’t have to.

Sign #4: Time is not on your side

As often happens, staffing needs emerge with little notice and, despite the inconvenience, must be filled ASAP.   Getting to top-tier talent fast while maintaining employee quality and positioning your company as the ideal place to work is not easy.  Contrarily, working with a recruitment firm to portray your strengths can be critical to shortening the time to hire.  Additionally, contract hires can allow you to bring in talent almost immediately to meet your needs.

Sign #5: Your in-house recruitment team isn’t using the latest technology

If you want top talent, you must move quickly…and that often means putting technology to good use in the hiring and recruiting process. Suppose your internal team doesn’t have access to an applicant tracking system, or your company doesn’t have a careers website or a significant social media presence. In that case, it could be hindering your ability to recruit and hire the best talent. Reputable recruitment and staffing firms build on and continue to add resources to our search efforts.  The only focus is to find top talent fast for clients and implement advantages on your behalf.   Our network becomes yours, and our technology resources go to work for you!

If you’re experiencing any of the red flags above, it’s time to look outside your company for extra help in hiring. If you’d like to learn more, contact FootBridge today. As the leading staffing experts in manufacturing, energy, and construction, we know how to help companies like yours overcome your biggest staffing headaches so you can find and hire the best people.

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