Many HR professionals and hiring managers in the energy industry believe that attracting top talent is about paying more than their competitors.

But if salary is your only consideration, you may be missing some of the best candidates available.  Worse, you may be actually encouraging them to look elsewhere.  While a competitive salary and benefits package is a must, the factors that really attract top talent are more complex.

Challenging Projects

Top talent doesn’t shy away from challenges; they run at them full speed.  Routine, ordinary work frequently bores the best candidates.  Once they’ve learned it, there is nothing left to engage their interests.

To attract top talent, give them real opportunities to work on a range of challenging projects.  Focus on opportunities that allow them to develop or expand their skill sets, to work with other departments or specialists, or to spend time on a project or interest of their own that is related to their work.  Make it clear that you understand how much they value their professional growth – and that you want to make it happen.

A Supportive Company Culture

Top talent can bring a great addition of energy, enthusiasm, and passion to their work.  They can also “burn out” very quickly if others on the team don’t share their forward-driving outlook.

To attract top talent, identify the strongest aspects of your company culture.  Highlight these in your employment brand by using blog posts, videos, and other tools.  Encourage team members to speak, write, photograph, and shoot video that answers the question “What is the best part of working here?”

Real Opportunities for Advancement

The best candidates are always looking for the next challenge, the next opportunity, and the next chance to refine and expand their skills.  Companies that fail to offer real opportunities for advancement and concrete paths for getting there have set themselves up to lose their top talent to their competitors.

Attract outstanding candidates, keep them engaged, and position them to motivate others by providing a clear path to advancement and concrete advice and support for following it.  Outline these opportunities in your employment brand materials and during the interview.  Top candidates are happy to spend their futures with one company – if that company offers a real future.

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