The season for annual performance reviews is upon us, and the added workload may be putting a strain on managers’ already overcrowded plates. Who has the time to think about next year’s strategic staffing plan as well?

The answer is: You do!

By thinking of performance reviews as a chance to review your strategic staffing practices, as well as a chance to review each employee’s progress, your organization can “supercharge” your relationship with your staffing firm. Here’s how:

  1. Collect information thoughtfully. Take a moment to consider your organization’s current process for annual performance reviews. How do you collect and manage information about employee progress? Are supervisors directly involved in performance reviews, and are their comments written? Does the employee have the chance to offer insight and feedback? How closely do the performance-review “metrics” match the job description?
    When performance review criteria carefully track the actual requirements of the job, and when both employees and direct supervisors are encouraged to give honest, written feedback, the organization can both make its expectations clearer to each employee and gather the information needed to analyze whether strategic staffing efforts are working.
  1. Spend extra time with new employees. If you’ve hired new staff under the current strategic staffing plan, spend a little extra time with them during the performance review. Ask them how their onboarding process went, how well they feel they are fitting in with the team and the organization as a whole, and what could have been done during hiring or onboarding to improve their experience. Their answers will help you evaluate how the staffing plan is working in concrete, “real-life” situations.
  1. Talk to your recruiter. Whether your staffing firm helped your organization create its current strategic staffing plan or has just begun its relationship with you, schedule a meeting to talk about 2015’s staffing plan soon after you complete performance reviews. Bring information from the reviews and feedback from employees and supervisors to the meeting. You and your staffing firm can pinpoint areas where your staffing plan works well and areas that need improvement, and develop ways to improve the results in the next round of hiring.

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