How do you know it’s time to promote an employee to a management position?

Knowing who’s ready for leadership and who does their best work on the “front lines” can be tough.  Here are five signs that one of your employees is ready to lead a team:

They want to learn more about the company and how it works.

Good managers understand how their team’s work connects to the smooth functioning of the company and contributes to its overall goals. Workers who are already looking for information on how their work fits into the “big picture” are developing the perspective they’ll need to be effective, motivating managers.

Their time-management skills are superb.

Managers always have more tasks than time. The ability to prioritize, work efficiently, and delegate is essential to leadership – and development of these skills begins on the front lines. Look for staff members who are good at streamlining their tasks and determining where their attention is most needed at any given time.

They’re already looking for leadership opportunities.

Has a staff member asked if they can lead a project? Do they regularly share stories of their leadership outside of work, such as their willingness to head up volunteer projects or to coach a sports team? If so, they’re honing the very leadership skills they’ll need to be effective managers.

They’re good at handling conflicts.

On every team, some employees are known to start drama, and others are known to shut it down.  When considering your promotion options, look for staff members who actively work to defuse tense situations, seek compromises, and get the job done in spite of personality conflicts.

Their co-workers already look up to them.

Does one of your employees regularly end up at the head of the team simply because their colleagues place them there? Is this the person who answers co-workers’ questions and provides guidance? If so, you’ve got a built-in manager on the team.

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